Why settle for mediocrity

October 25, 2007

Why settle for mediocrity when it comes to your phone service.


If you could save 20%-40% on your phone service would you be interested in talking further?


If you could deal with the same person each time you had a phone issue or concern, would you be interested in talking further?


If you could have the same reliability that you get from Verizon and ATT without using them would you be interested?


Every week I meet unhappy, unsatisfied business owners who are using Verizon and ATT for their phone service.  When I ask why they are still using them when I can clearly hear unhappiness in their voice, the most common answer is they feel secure.


Yet, when I ask how Verizon and ATT service the account, ultimately I get the same answer. They are very difficult to deal with. We are never able to talk to the same person twice.


Verizon and ATT spend huge dollars on advertising and have totally convinced the public on their ability to provide service. If you speak with representatives from both these companies you will find that both of them have switched their efforts for growth to the cellular world, all but abandoning the local and long distance markets. After taking years to build up the network that feeds our local and long distance services, they have chosen to rent out this network and reap the benefits.


This, however, is not all bad. It has presented a huge opportunity to you the business phone customer.  Because of deregulation, third party providers are able to provide the same security and reliability as Verizon and ATT, but provide better customer service and save you money at the same time.

 Why settle for Mediocrity ………. You deserve more!  

Our clients are saving from 20% to 40% on their local and long distance cost. The best part is they love the personal service provided by these third party providers.


Go ahead; pamper yourself the times are a changing.

Save money and get better service, it is as simple as that. 

Spread the good news….. share this information with a friend. 

Should you like to discuss opportunities available for your company to increase profits call us at 856-857-1230.

Hutchinson Business Solutions has a 90% success rate providing savings and getting refunds for our clients.


HBS…Your CFO on the Go. Defining opportunities today, increasing profits for tomorrow.Visit http://www.hutchinsonbusinesssolutions.com/ to learn more about saving opportunities available for your company.


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