Downtime ….# 1 expense in IT

November 5, 2007

As business continues to evolve, our dependency on computers to gather and process all our information needs becomes more frightening. The computer addresses our needs for instant gratification. All we need to know is now at our fingertips.


What happens when there is a hiccup? The system goes down. All of a sudden everyone becomes frantic!! Deadlines, loss of productivity, even lost sales opportunities.


What is the cost?


         One hour of downtime for a company doing $4 million in annual revenue costs $2000 per hour.

         The average company in the U. S. experiences 2 hours of downtime a week

$2000/hour x 2 hours x 4 weeks = $ 16,000 a month

 What is the cost for your company? 

IT has now become the # 1 variable cost after HR.

 Is your company being proactive? 

Does this sound familiar? 

         Failures occur without notice

         Hard to plan your day putting out fires

         Everything is a # 1 priority

         Frustrated users

         Time spent on tasks that should be automated

Virtual CIO

Our EMS network operation center will monitor and manage your IT and security structure 24 x 7 x 365 days a year.


Our flat rate pricing structure will lower cost and increase efficiencies.

 Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual CIO Managed Services Program.

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Hutchinson Business Solutions has a 90% success rate providing savings and getting refunds for our clients.  


 HBS…Your CFO on the Go. Defining opportunities today, increasing profits for tomorrow.

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