How much are we paying?

November 5, 2007

Each month, new invoices are received and processed for payment. Not much thought goes into them, for the amount normally falls into a comfort level. As long as you don’t see any spike in charges, they are approved and paid.

 Savings is a parity of how much you spend! 

If you are spending $200 a month for one of your services and can save 20%, does that get your attention?

Let’s say you are spending $500, $2000 or even $10,000 a month for a service, can you see how a 20% savings grows.

  Do we have your attention yet?  

Our clients find value with our services for they see tangible results in lower cost and increased cash flow. Many times we are asked to look for additional savings in other areas of their business. That is our forte. We review and validate specific cost and provide opportunities to increase efficiencies and profits.

 You get what you pay for! We all have heard that line before. The real question should be, “Are we getting what we paid for?”  

We all have spoken to customer service reps or sales reps and requested changes on specific accounts. Remember spending all that time on the phone adjusting your cell phone minutes?  That was really going to lower your bill? The invoice comes in the next month and it’s even higher. You find yourself back to square one. The changes were never processed.

 Does anyone ever do what we ask? 

Promoting Accountability

 We pride ourselves in being an advocate for business. Any business, no matter how small or how large, we find the same scenarios.

“We are not getting what we’re paying for.” 

This can change!

Let HBS be your advocate promoting accountability and savings.

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Should you like to discuss opportunities available for your company to increase profits call us at 856-857-1230.

 Hutchinson Business Solutions has a 90% success rate providing savings and getting refunds for our clients.

HBS…Your CFO on the Go. Defining opportunities today, increasing profits for tomorrow.

Visit to learn more about saving opportunities available for your company.

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