One client at a time

November 5, 2007

Each week I sit down to write an article, which talks about providing savings to our clients. Being a CFO on the Go, we run into many varied opportunities to provide savings and increase efficiencies of service.


When meeting with a new client, it is very important to listen and concentrate on what the client is actually saying. Where is the greatest need for our services?


Have they reviewed all their operating costs? How is their relationship with their existing provider or broker? Do they shop their account every year?


The ability to maintain a client for the long term is directly related to the ability to build a relationship based on trust and to properly service the account.


What Hutchinson Business Solutions brings to the client is a fresh approach. We have built a series of strategic partners who are all experts in their related fields. What makes us unique is the ability to provide excellent service in all these areas.


More important than the ability to provide excellent service is the ability to build a relationship with our client. People like to deal with someone they know, like and trust. It is important to build a bond of friendship with the client for they are relying on your expert advice to provide a solution that works.


We have made it our mission to continually educate our clients so they are presented with all the facts and possibilities, allowing them to make the best decision. Our clients see value in this approach and many times we are asked, “ What else can you help us with.”

 We would like to thank all our clients for their continued support. It is a privilege to have developed friendships with so many great individuals.

Spread the good news….. share this information with a friend. 

Should you like to discuss opportunities available for your company to increase profits call us at 856-857-1230.

 Hutchinson Business Solutions has a 90% success rate providing savings and getting refunds for our clients.

You might even qualify for a refund!

HBS…Your CFO on the Go. Defining opportunities today, increasing profits for tomorrow.

Visit to learn more about saving opportunities available for your company.

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