The only thing constant is change.

November 30, 2007



They say, “The only thing constant is change.”  Now a day, gas prices seem to be the most visible symbol of that old adage.  It’s a constant reminder that we are paying more for the same thing.  And this is happening across the board.  Even in the supermarket, prices are going up but the package has gotten smaller.



Telecom…       We are paying less per minute, but more for services.

                        Our clients are saving from 20% to 40%.


Data …           Downtime is the hidden cost.

                        Ask about our Virtual CIO program.



Fleet Management … Gas is over $3.00

                                     “ Put your fleet in the palm of your hands”


If you’ve found yourself troubled about these same issues, feel free to contact us . We review and validate your specific costs of doing business, and provide strategic solutions that will increase your cash flow and your bottom line.



Our team brings over 25 years of experience, independence, objectivity, and responsible analysis to the table.   We stand behind our work to make sure every client is satisfied. 



Contact us today and ask about our Free 50-minute consultation.

 Spread the good news….. share this information with a friend. 

Should you like to discuss opportunities available for your company to increase profits call us at 856-857-1230.


HBS…Your CFO on the Go.  

Defining Opportunities Today,…Providing Savings for Tomorrow.

Visit to learn more about saving opportunities available for your company.

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