Did You Know?

December 13, 2007

Why you should look at Unemployment Taxes 

Unemployment is the 2nd  highest employer mandated tax

Your Unemployment account is similar to having an open checkbook with the State:

    • The State assigns your rates

    • The State has total control of all monies in the account

    • The State determines the amount of each payment and disburses payments from this account 
    • The State sends a quarterly reconciliation of all activity in the account

 Would you handle your personal account this way? 

Did You Know:  

  • The State of New Jersey has a 10% error rate in the payment of unemployment claims.

Are you overpaying unemployment taxes? 

A 10% error rate!!! 

What is your rate?  

Is it over 1%? 

What are you doing to manage these payments? 

We offer a service to manage your account and audit every claim:

    • Is the claim legitimate?
    • Is the state paying the proper amount?
    • Are you 100% responsible?

We help our clients to be proactive and drive their rates down!! 

Hutchinson Business Solutions ( HBS ) works as an advocate for our clients.  

Call 856-857-1230 to learn more about our unemployment tax service. You may email questions to george@hbsadvantage.com 

Hutchinson Business Solutions……………..Your CFO on the Go. 

Defining Opportunities Today,…Providing Savings for Tomorrow.

Visit http://www.hutchinsonbusinesssolutions.com/ to learn more about saving opportunities available for your company.

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