Another Cut

March 18, 2008

The Fed cut its federal funds rate another ¾ of a point today  to 2.25%, 

This is an overnight bank-lending rate.  

It is the sixth cut in the past six months and comes at a time when the Fed is trying to keep the economy from slipping into recession –  

Although many think it’s already entered one. 

What’s your thoughts on this? 

The Fed also took the unprecedented step, on Sunday, allowing brokerage firms to borrow money directly from the Fed, a right previously reserved for commercial banks.

In addition, the central bank lowered its discount rate, which is what it charges banks to borrow money, by a quarter of a point. 

As a result, the dollar rose the most it has in almost four years against the yen and gained against the euro.

All this, in an effort to boost the economy and bring confidence back to the financial markets.

Is this being reactionary or is the Fed trying to be proactive?

 Is this too little too late? 

What are your friends and associates saying?

Personally we are hearing a lot of uncertainty.

Most people are hoping it is all just a dream and that it won’t affect them.

However, the signs are real and it is already affecting them.

This is an election year.

Listen to what the candidates are saying and see which one is speaking to you.

Who offers the best plan to address the issues we are dealing with?

Who will address the long-standing issues that have plagued our economy?

I must admit I feel let down.

I always thought that politicians would act in our own best interest to address these issues.

However, too many years have passes and we are still talking about the same things.

What about the hopes and dreams we look to pass onto our children?

What steps are we taking to give them the opportunities we were afforded?

We look to politics to address the global issues,

However what steps can we take to make sure we are not talking about the same issues in years to come.

If you are in business, what are you doing to make it more competitive?

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

What steps are you taking to increase the efficiencies?

What if you lost a key person?

Is there a succession plan in place?

What are your employees saying about health benefits?

Do you have a retirement program in place?

These are opportunities we handle on an everyday basis.

To learn more visit our website

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and discussing them with you.

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