Retail Outlet Heats Up New Jersey Solar Market

April 30, 2008

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) announced at a press conference in Burlington last month that it has teamed with BP Solar and Home Depot to offer solar systems at 65 Home Depot retail stores throughout New Jersey.

The coalition came together as a result of BPU’s Clean Energy Program, which provides rebates to consumers worth 60%–70% of the cost of a solar electric (PV) system. BP Solar participates because it wants access to the New Jersey market, and Home Depot wants a supplier of solar power equipment for homeowner customers. Mary Shields, regional president of BP Solar of North America in Frederick, Maryland, described New Jersey’s solar policy as one of the best in the world.

Home Depot conducts a free evaluation, installs the PV systems, and manages the paperwork for collecting the rebate from BPU. The retailer usually offers to finance the system for the homeowner. Rob Titone of Burlington said at the press conference that Home Depot calculated a simple payback of 8.5 years for his investment of $25,000 in a PV system on his home.

BPU President Jeanne M. Fox said, “Coupled with our incentive program, the launch by BP Solar and Home Depot moves New Jersey to the forefront of the solar energy industry.” Since New Jersey established the solar rebate program in 2001, more than 600 households, businesses, churches, and farms have purchased solar systems. And Fox notes that 475 applications are pending.

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