The Growing Solar Market

July 17, 2008

Solar energy used to be considered the energy source of choice for the tree hugging, granola eating set. Since then the cost of fossil fuels has skyrocketed and virtually every major power supply conglomerate has raised the rates of supplying the public with electricity and other sources of energy.

Suddenly, solar energy is not looking so bad anymore and with the help of public pressure, solar energy investment trends now encompass the spending of not only the private investor by also the governmental backer.

Meeting the energy needs of the average home is overall not an expensive proposition and many a homeowner has chosen to combine the understanding that environmental damage must be avoided while a stable form of sustainable energy is still much preferred to periodic blackouts.

Although in the past the cost of the photovoltaic panels on a home was considered prohibitive, anymore this technology is hailed as a long term investment and those who are investment savvy recognize the trends and are willing to enter in for the long haul.

While private solar panels now present sleek and technologically advanced additions to any home, the commercial applications are also quite impressive. Areas in California and other locales where sunlight is plentiful now sport vast fields of nothing but solar panels harnessing the sun’s energy power and those who got in on the ground floor of this investment opportunity are laughing all the way to the bank.

Yet it is not too late. Solar energy investment trends prove to be a long-lived proposition and most likely will be around for a while yet.

To learn more about the growing solar opportunities in NJ and the Phila area you can call HBS Solar 856-857-1230. We are a strategic partner of BP Solar offering a full 25-year warranty on the solar equipment and a full 10-year warranty on the installation. Email

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