Questions to consider when thinking of wind power

July 20, 2008

Many consumers come to us asking about prices and figure that is the only barrier to purchasing a wind power system, although it goes much further than just prices. When putting up a wind power system you have to consider the following points:

1. Does your project site at least have 10mph wind speeds? check your wind speed here.

2. Does your property have at least a half acre with unobstructed views?

3. Does the city zoning allow a structure 42′ feet tall?

4. Does your utility company have an interconnection agreement?

5. Have you considering speaking to your neighbors to let them know you maybe purchasing a wind power system that maybe visible from their home?

Typically the city will require building permits to put up a solar or wind power system and there will be a fee for building permits you have to pay to the city. The city may also require tower engineering drawings that you may have to get from a certified engineer if you are building a custom tower to put up your wind turbine.

Should you want to know more about wind and solar opportunties in NJ and the Phila area, email or call HBS Solar 856-857-1239

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