Atlantic City plans nation’s largest solar roof

July 24, 2008

by The Associated Press

Tuesday June 17, 2008, 3:44 PM

The Atlantic City Convention Center plans to install what it says would be the largest single-building solar energy project in the United States, providing more than a quarter of its daily electrical needs.

Under a 20-year agreement, the center is hiring a private company, Pepco Energy Services of Arlington, Va., to install the solar panels on 290,000 square feet — or about two-thirds — of its main roof.

Pepco will pay to install the panels; the convention center will then buy the electricity they generate from Pepco.

The center says it will save about $4.4 million in electricity costs over the 20-year contract, while also reducing greenhouse gases and helping the environment. It currently spends about $1.4 million a year on electricity.

The project will generate about 2.36 megawatts of energy, or enough to power 280 homes each day. That would make it the largest solar energy project in the country involving a single rooftop, said Monique Hanis, a spokeswoman for the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Jeffrey Vasser, executive director of the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, said the group began planning a solar project a few years ago when Gov. Jon S. Corzine pushed for greater use of sun and wind power in New Jersey.

“We have a great building to do this on, and we wanted to be the first kid on the block to get in on it,” Vasser said.

“This helps a young industry grow into a mature one, helps reduce our dependence on oil, and produces electricity that does not increase carbon emissions into the air,” he said of the multi million-dollar project.

The work is expected to begin within 30 days and be completed by the end of the year. That’s important because it would qualify Pepco for tax incentives for solar projects that are due to expire next year.

Currently, solar energy accounts for only 1 percent of U.S. energy use, the association said.

The convention and visitors authority also is looking into the possibility of building a single wind-powered turbine on land it owns near the center, as well as whether a solar project would work on part of Boardwalk Hall.


New Jersey is taking great strides to introduce alternative energy to the mainstream. Since increasing the value of the SREC to $711 per 1000 kw of electrc produced, solar has become the new sexy. For more information about solar opportunities in NJ and the Phila area contact HBS Solar 857-857-1230 or email . Ask about our free proforma.

3 Responses to “Atlantic City plans nation’s largest solar roof”

  1. […] synergistech wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. if i was them i’d wait until the price of solar pv came down as it will do sharply in the near future. if they get locked into a long agreement on the price per watt, it could be costly….

  3. Tim said

    We all know Energy Prices are on the Rise! Since 1999 natural gas prices in the U.S. have TRIPLED.

    Electricity has DOUBLED over the last 6 years. In today’s volatile market, energy prices fluctuate CONSTANTLY.

    There is now a company which can offer consumers a choice on energy with electricity and natural gas.



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