PSEG to develop wind farm

November 18, 2008


PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Ralph Izzo, PSEG chairman and CEO, in a keynote speech today at the Newark Green Future Summit, called climate change “the greatest environmental challenge of our time” and said it presented a solid opportunity for growth in New Jersey, especially its cities.

Izzo spoke at a conference spearheaded by the Clinton Global Initiative to promote sustainable economic development and discussion about the “greening” of Newark’s economy and community.

“Climate change is not only the greatest environmental challenge of our time, it’s an opportunity for economic and community development,” Izzo said. “We have capital that we are ready to invest, in projects that will require an expanded workforce. The opportunities for residents of our cities will be immense.”

Izzo noted that cities have the potential to become hubs of the growing green economy, as long as they have access to energy efficiency, renewable energy and the jobs that will deliver them.

He detailed PSEG’s plans to weatherize homes and businesses in Newark and Trenton, develop a 350-megawatt wind farm off the coast of southern New Jersey, and expedite investment in solar power statewide. All of these initiatives, he said, will create new green jobs.

Izzo also discussed the company’s workforce development efforts, which include the creation of a green energy academy dedicated to preparing high school students for green collar jobs and the expansion of the energy utility technology degree programs being offered with several New Jersey colleges.

“We are looking to form new partnerships with government, community groups, educational institutions, military and others on initiatives that will prepare New Jersey residents for green jobs of the future.”

Our perspective:

PSEG has been very proactive in supporting alternative energy efforts. NJ, along with California, are poised to be leaders in the efforts to provide energy independence. If we all work together this worthy goal will be achieved and issue in a new era of stability and strength in the economy.

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