Peco Deregulation

May 24, 2010

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Lower My PECO BillMay 10, 2010

PECO is trying to prepare their customers for increases in their electric rates in 2011 by unleashing multiple programs.  Recently, the PA Public Utilities Commission announced that Pennsylvania utility companies will be increasing the rates for electricity delivery service in 2011.  In addition, price caps will be expiring in 2011 in the PECO area – as well as Met-Ed, Penn Electric, and West Penn – which are expected to increase default generation rates by as much as 20%.

PECO is rolling out numerous programs to help customers cope with increases including the PECO Smart Home E-Audit, Smart Lighting Discounts, Smart Home Rebates, and Smart Appliance Recycling.  Alot of smart programs, but probably the smartest way consumers will be able to reduce their electricity bill is by shopping for an alternative supplier that will offer a reduced rate versus the PECO price to compare default rates. 

PECO will continue to deliver power to those customers who they are currently delivering to as well as continue to send invoices out.    The decision to choose an alternative electric genaration company will simply be a choice to pay less.  We will be providing contact information and rates for alternative providers as we get closer to 2011.

Our Perspective:

The caps will be lifted on electric prices in Peco territory as of Jan 2011. This will present many opportunities for savings for larger users in the dergulated energy market.

Currently, clients in the PPL terrirory are finding savings of about 2 cents per kwh. We are finding the price to compare in PPL territory to be about $.105 cents per kwh. Depending on their annual usages, we have been able to find opportunities to lock the electric supply prices in the low to mid $.08 cent per kwh area.

We are currently speaking with several clients in the Peco territory and have told them to wait for Peco to release their price to compare for 2011. This will help us to use this as a basis of the opportunity presented.  Sources have told us that this information will be available by the end of May or early June 2010.

Should you like to know more about opportunities for savings in the Peco electric deregulation market email

Or visit us in the web

5 Responses to “Peco Deregulation”

  1. John Lawler said


    My name is John Lawler, I work at Graphic Communications Inc. We are a medium manufacturing company in Warminster Pennsylvania. We use between 350,000 and 400,000 kwh annually. We are looking to find an electrical energy contract for the post PECO deregulation era. I do have to mention I am a little wary of a company named “Smart Solutions” who did not proof read their web page. In particular you misspelled the words “Should”, “you” and “deregulation” in the second to the last line of your website article. Just giving you the heads up. Anyhow,please contact me via email or call 215-441-5335 ext.314

    Thank You
    John Lawler

    • ghutch said

      Thanks for getting back to me John. Good pick up. Unfortunately, the U key is broken on my computer and I do have to hit it several times to engage.

  2. Do you have the names of the companies who we my be able to buy electric and gas from.

    • ghutch said


      Are you a commercial account? We are an independent broker that represents all the major providers selling electricity in the deregulated states. We wold be more than happy to discuss this with you.

  3. Paul said

    PECO has says that prices will increase by 8% on 1/1/11/ but that is versus the rates charged in December. They raised rates in October and I believe in November preparing customers for when caps are removed. So the real rate increase is about 30% if compared to the October Prices

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