Peco: What’s Happening

June 15, 2010

From Peco Website

In a word, deregulation.

Deregulation has transformed utilities like PECO from a company that makes electricity and delivers it to our customers, to a company that now purchases electricity from electric generators and delivers it to customers through our neighborhood poles and wires.

It may surprise you to learn that for the last decade, electricity prices have been capped to protect customers economically through a time when deregulation changed the utility business. During this period, prices remained set, regardless of what prices were doing in the marketplace.

The rate caps will come to an end. Beginning January 1, 2011, the prices PECO and our customers pay for electricity will be based on electric market pricing. We have a sound strategy for purchasing power for you. Currently, we are buying power at several different times and in a variety of ways to get the best possible prices.

At the same time costs to operate our electric and natural gas systems also have been increasing. So the bottom line for customers (and for PECO) is gas and electricity will cost more.

To learn more about how Deregulation will effect your electric bill email or call 856-857-1230

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