PSEG Electricity

August 13, 2010

As reported by PSEG

About Deregulation

Before Deregulation 

Prior to New Jersey’s restructuring, PSE&G was responsible for generating electricity, transmitting the power to all regions of their service territory, distributing the power to the individual homes and businesses, and billing and service issues.  In addition, they were also responsible for all repairs to the electric lines and equipment.

After Deregulation

As a result of the New Jersey Energy Choice Program, the different responsibilities of the utilities were “unbundled” and the power industry was separated into four divisions: generation, transmission, and distribution, and energy services. The generation sector has been deregulated and, as a result, utilities are no longer the sole producers of electricity. The transmission and distribution sectors remain subject to regulation – either by the federal government or the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.   No matter which electricity supplier you choose, PSE&G will continue to service the transmission and distribution sectors of your electricity.

Competition is allowed between companies to provide power at discounted rates and superb customer service directly to customers. These companies are licensed by the state of New Jersey.  You also have the opportunity to work with an electricity broker or consultant who can compare different offers and provide additional services to help manage your energy spending.

In most cases, PSE&G will continue to send you your utility bill.  So the only thing that changes if you shop for a better rate is that better rate.

Our Perspective:

Deregulation of utilities has open the door to great opportunities for savings if you are a commercial or industrial customer using over $5000 a month of electric.

The local provider (PSEG and AC Elecric) buy energy on the wholesale market and then bills their clients at retail prices. Hutchinson Business Solutions (HBS) puts our clients in the wholesale position.

The savings fall to the bottom line.

HBS is an independent energy management consultant who has strategic partnerships with all the major deregulated energy providers selling energy in NJ and PA. Our clients are finding savings ranging from 10% upto 25% in the deregulated energy market.

Each account is unique. Your current pricing is based on summer/ winter pricing and also on peak and off peak usages. We will do a complete evaluation of your annual usages and shop the market to find the best provider that will offer low fixed priced savings.

To learn more about deregulated saving email

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