Make Me Smile

May 3, 2012





The great uniter





Is that even a word?




Can’t find it in the










I think you know what I mean






Humor can be used in many forms





But as a common bond…..





It brings people together








When people are using humor



They are doing so….





For they feel comfortable…..




With the situation they are in






You are able to relax and…




Show your true self






I was at a breakfast last week




I stood up and spoke…





When I was finished




The person sitting next to me








You’re funny….




You always make me laugh….


When you speak






I took that as a real compliment






I have always been good with a …..



1 on 1 conversation








I always find myself being nervous





When I have to speak in front



Of a group of people









I use humor



When I start speaking





To ease…..




Into the discussion





By putting other people at ease





Seeing them smiling





Helps me to feel…..




More comfortable and….










Humor can be a great tool





I have often found that…….








Can be used to……



Diffuse a situation








We often…..




Find ourselves….



Taking things…..





Way to seriously…..





When we are able to just




Laugh at ourselves




You soon realize



We are all




Facing the same demons





We are not alone






Life is too short…






We all have heard the expression…






Let a smile be your umbrella






Carry it with you





Everywhere you go…..






Don’t get caught in the rain



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