4 For 4 In 4

May 17, 2012

Mother’s Day turned out to be


A pretty eventful weekend


For the Hutchinson family



On Thursday May 10th


Our youngest son, Grant


Graduated from Temple University




All four of our children


Made it thru college


In 4 years



That is a rare feat


These days







Colleges make it very easy


To make it a 5 year+ program





Now Grant is headed to the shore


For the summer


To sell ice cream on the beach




While diligently looking for a job


In film editing





Any referrals or introductions



To a possible job opportunity



Will be welcomed……





Can’t go wrong with a young Hutch






To be 22 again









On Saturday May 12th



Our 2 eldest sons…




George Henry IV and Brenton Patrick




Graduated with their


Masters from St Joe’s University




Again, no small feat




They both worked full time







Taking night courses





Janet and I are very proud of them





With a lot of focus



Hard work and







They received their Masters



George IV in Finance



Brenton in International Marketing






Visit our website: www.hutchinsonbusinesssolutions.com   to learn more about opportunities available to provide savings.


We are now on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Hutchinson-Business-Solutions/160324787348229

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