Some Like It Hot

July 29, 2012

I walked out this morning and….


Immediately broke out


Into a sweat.



I normally need to work out


To do that



Now all I need to do…

Is walk outside


Does that mean


That by just going outside



I am now….

Getting a work out?



My waistline….

Still looks the same size


Perhaps I am sweating out the…




That’s healthy….


Isn’t it?



As of today


19 out of the last 21 days


Have registered over 90 degrees



When is today?


I am going to make you

Do a little research


As to when I wrote this



Is there relief in sight?



They are calling for a major




This afternoon


High Winds…..

Heavy Rain……



You will have to look back

To see if it really happened



Wouldn’t you love being


A weather forecaster


Or should I say…..


A meteorologist



Little to no credibility is needed


Not many people can say that…


This is part of their job description



We are calling for heavy rain


Coming out of the northwest



Should cool things down a bit




Does anybody ever call them and say…

What happened to the rain?





It moved off….


Further to the north…


If you were 100 miles north of here


You would have got pounded




I’m still thinking….


How do we get thru


The Hot, Humid…


Dog Days of Summer


Maybe I should put a shower


In my office


I do know someone in the business…


We have the same last name


Gotta trust Hutch


How’s that for an indiscreet plug

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Got a Minute

July 19, 2012

Hey …



Got a minute…




Do you mind if I


Get back to you




I have a lot going on




Have you heard that before?





Just wanted to stop by……




I had a few extra minutes



Can’t stay too long








Hurry up…..




I’m behind schedule





Why do we always seem to be rushing around?




You can’t even have a regular conversation


With anyone today



Without someone pulling out their cellphone




I just remembered



I have to make a note





Hold on



I just got a text




I must admit I have found myself



Fall into the abyss




We have lost all sense of



Quality time




Our communication is becoming








Why are we all so busy






Are we just trying



To feel busy





Are we trying to feel important?




Looking to fill a void?





Well guess what?




We are all important




We are just too busy to show



The people we all love




Just how important




They are to us




Why are we




Always searching for more




Is the grass really greener…..




On the other side……





Why are we all so caught up




In not just being ourselves





To the world



You may be one person,




But to one person




You may be the world


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