A Toast to Spring

March 29, 2013

Nothing like a Holiday

To usher in spring

The weather forecast is calling for

Each day to be getting warmer

Hitting a high near 60 on Easter Sunday

I can tell by talking with people

That they have just about had it

With the cold weather

One guy said to me last night….

“This weather is

Really messing with my head”

Many people boast about

Living in the Philadelphia area

Being able to experience

All four seasons

We can’t wait for….

Spring, Summer and Fall

But Winter?

Many say that is…

Their least favorite season

I used to love winter growing up

Basketball was my sport

I lived, ate and breathed


Of course…

Basketball was…

A winter sport


I was never a fan of other

Winter sports

Skiing, skating etc

Did some sledding when I was a kid

But now, I find…

I have lost my……

Enthusiasm for winter

My wife says….

“All the smart people go to Florida

In the winter”

I may keep that option open

At some point

Over the last few days

We have gotten a few glimpses

Of the sun

Where have you been my good friend?

It feels good to shed the baggy, heavy

Winter coats

Here is a toast to Spring…


We have all been waiting for…

The warmth of the sun

Enjoy the holiday with your family

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all

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