Play to Win

June 6, 2013

I saw a phrase the other day

That caught my eye….

Stop playing not to lose

And start playing to win.

Like that should even be a……


Our high school motto was…

The tradition is that of a winner

That phrase always stuck with me

Playing sport all thru school

We were always taught….




Give 100%

Until the final whistle blows

It instills a source of pride

These values remain

They have helped

Guide me

Thru life

We were never taught…..

Play not to lose

You might see this happening in….

Professional football

The clock is running down

2 to 3 minutes left

The coach puts in…..

The infamous…

Prevent defense

To me

That’s like

Throwing in the towel

That would never tolerated

Back in the day

We were always told…

If you gave your best effort

You can walk off the field

With your head held high

Always play to win

The spirit on competition

Lives on

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