My Pop

July 15, 2013

My Pop used to say…

4th of July

Summer’s over

Those were always the hardest words to hear

After all,

We had just got out of school

I thought we had

The whole summer

Ahead of us

Roll out those

Lazy…crazy… hazy…

Days of summer

Head to the shore…

Hit the beach…

Where we become ….

One with the sun

Summer Over?

We’re just getting started!!!

You can still see

The summer excitement…

Just try

Scheduling a meeting

Once the summer begins?

Well, I’m going on vacation

In 3 weeks

I have a lot of things

On my desk

I have to get done…

Before I go

How about

Giving me a call

After Labor Day

Labor Day!!!!!!

What happened to all of August?


Ain’t no cure for….

The summertime blues

Enjoy the summer

We have been waiting for you

If I do call you….

To schedule an appointment

Maybe we can get together

Sometime in August

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