Dog Days

August 22, 2013

Normally around this time of year

We find ourselves talking about the…

Dog Days of Summer

Hazy….Hot… Humid

However, this summer

I find myself saying….

What happened?

The dog days seemed to have


We were hit with 3 heat waves in July

And then in….


Temperatures fell into the 70s

Sometimes the 80s

Storms began dumping

5 to 8 inches of rain

All at one time

This is all new to me

I spoke to Al

(My friendly farmer where I buy my corn)

He just began shaking his head

Farmers are taking a beating this season

They are picking the fields

With boots on

Swallowed up in mud

One more storm

Like the ones we have been having

And the farmers are ready

To throw in the towel

For this year

Anything lying on the ground

Is just rotting

What happened?

Is this just a fluke?

Are we looking at a new trend?

Should there be cause for concern?

Let’s begin with….

Raised awareness