Polar Vortex

January 29, 2014

Let’s take a look


At our extended weather forecast…






Tomorrow is going to be cold




The next day…


Should be just as cold



Possibly colder






The day after that…



Will probably be just as cold




However, we also show that


There could be a chance of….



Freezing rain…



It might be snow…






Possibly a Wintery Mix




This can all bring icy conditions





Let’s be careful out there






Let’s take a minute to look at



What may be causing



This weather pattern






We would be looking to the



Western Pacific




However it seems that La Nina



Is taking the winter off







We have been visited by



A polar vortex


Pushing down from the Artic




In the first two weeks of 2014



Much of the United States weathered


A cold snap of unprecedented proportions…




A weather phenomenon known as…


The “Polar Vortex”



Shattering temperature records across the country




Just when you thought it was safe


To go outside…




Another polar vortex is on the way



This one is due to hit



This week





Is this a new phenomenon?




I thought it was just cold outside




Because it is…






The energy markets


Have been in a reaction mode




Put a name on the weather conditions



And they are all in




Prices jump




You wait a day…



They jump again




You wait a few more days



Prices start to ease back down





Prices never come down…



As fast as they go up




With another polar vortex



On the way




You can almost hear



The energy market’s teeth clattering




While all this is happening




We find it best


To look past


The frenzy



One thing I have learned



Being in the energy business…


For 13 years




Patience is a virtue




Our goal has always been




To educate our clients






Provide the best opportunity



For savings





With a lower basis (transportation) cost



And increasing natural gas supplies




Most experts feel



Natural gas prices will settle down




Once again bringing



Great opportunities for savings



In both



The Natural Gas and Electric markets




We just have to wait for the Polar Vortex



To pass

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