Enough Already

February 17, 2014




We did it



Last week we hit


The record books




This has been the 3rd most snow


The Philadelphia region has received


Since they started keeping records


Back in 1884



That’s 130 years ago




We are now over 55 inches


And should break the 60 inch mark


This week




Reactions have been mixed



The kids love it..



Another day off from school






This means juggling


Their schedule


To take care of the kids….



Who are now home from school




Comments run the gamut…




I don’t need any more practice


Shoveling snow




Enough already




Where’s all the people yapping about….


Global Warming




Damn groundhog




Doesn’t anyone know how to drive in this stuff




I surrender




At least the Phillies started spring training





That takes us to a brighter note




You know spring


Is around the corner


When the Phillies



Start spring training




I can feel my bones starting to thaw already




Batter Up!!!!!!

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