Just Won’t Go Away

March 27, 2015

Winter started out on a good note

People were walking around in December

With sweaters on

At that time

The chatter among the energy experts

Was the possibility of having a warm winter

They were still talking about it in January

There was no snow on the ground

And we were cruising


We’ll probably get thru the winter with no snow

Then Mother Nature had the last laugh

Enter the end of January

Bitter cold temperatures

Smacked us right in the face

February may be the shortest month

But it seemed like February would never end


The groundhog saw their shadow

(6 more weeks of winter)

Bitter cold temperatures

Freezing Rain


Strong Winds


More snow

We all had are eyes on March

It can only get better

March came in like a lion

It was still snowing

Has to end soon

So you would think

It is now the end of March

Temperatures may go up to 70 today

With a chance of snow showers

On Saturday

April showers

Bring May flowers


They’ll be warm showers