Are You Prepared

April 9, 2015

Most people feel…

It will never happen to them


When you least expect it

You’re elected

What am I speaking about

Disaster Recovery

It a big topic in the

Communication industry

Is this something

You have looked at

Are you prepared

Did you know

40% of businesses affected by

Natural or man-made disasters

Never recover

IT disasters are inevitable

Whether it’s a simple server crash

Or a business office destroyed

By an environmental incident

The impact includes:


Decreased productivity

Lost data and

Financial loss

The average loss being $41,900

Many organizations distrust

Their current disaster recovery approaches

While there is interest

In cloud based recovery

There is still a need

For education

Cloud based recovery is a


Cost efficient alternative

To traditional disaster recovery

It requires fewer resources and

Infrastructure assets

There is greater business continuity

In the event of a disaster

With businesses experiencing

Less downtime

Would you like to learn more

HBS is working with experts

In the disaster recovery field

We will help you to

Be prepared