November 4, 2016

I went to the doctor the other day

For my annual physical

After reviewing all my vitals

He said….

You’re pretty healthy for 64

Everything looks good

Based on your medical history

And statistics

You will probably have another 21 years

You should make it to 85

Was that a right or left handed compliment…

I didn’t know whether to be….





21 years……

Growing old

Always seemed so far away

We all feel invincible

Nothing is ever going to happen to me

It happens to everyone else

So maybe I eek out 25 or 30 years

I have placed my life in the Lord’s hands

It reinforces what I always say

Every day is a gift

I am thankful

On Budget

November 2, 2016

I have spoken with many clients recently

Many of them tell me….

This is the most dreaded time of the year

I have been busy working on the budget for next year

How do you budget…..

Many people admit to budgeting by…

How much did we spend last year

How do you know what you spent last year was the correct amount

It may be a comfort level amount…

In today’s growing market it is good to look at all your costs

Do not take what you paid last year

As the cost of doing business

HBS leaves no stones unturned in our search for savings

We find ways to save you money

Contact us for a free consultation

Every Day is a Gift…..