Odds are Even

April 4, 2017

I was driving down the street the other day…

That sounds like a great opening line to a song

It is amazing how we take things for granted

You are driving down a street

Looking for an address

The even numbers are on your right

The odd numbers are on your left

Depending on which direction you are driving

This could flip…

Odd numbers on your right

Even numbers on your left

I always noticed that people were having trouble finding our house

Or any house on our street

Cars are always crawling by

Looking at house numbers

They even stop and ask

Where is 827…

Today I found out the reason for the confusion

Our block is actually a horseshoe

It starts off South EPD

With even numbers in the 600s on your right

At the 1st bend

The street turns into EPD and becomes odd numbers in the 800s

On your right

At the 2nd bend

It turns into North EPD and jumps back down to the 600s on your right

Yet it continues as odd numbers

Now…Did you get all that…

Even if it’s odd… it’s odd

Who was the town planners who designed this…..

I never noticed this before

I always wondered why people could not find our house

Or any house on our street for that matter

Was this a design flaw…

Or just someone trying to play with our minds

I actually spoke to a neighbor at the bend

Regarding this Phenomena

They tried to offer a reason for the numbering system

Yea…this is even right here

But at the bend it is no longer South EPD

It is just EPD

So it has a different name


You are correct……


You are 652

And it goes to 801 at the bend 2 houses away

The only difference in the name of the street is that…

Yours’ says South…

What happened to the 700s…

Why does it go from the 600s to the 800s

And why does it turn from even numbers into odd numbers


That’s just the way it is…..


That’s just the way it is…..

If you have trouble finding me

Just give me a call

I will be on the left or right

Depending which direction you are coming from