October 22, 2018

better life

I received news the other day
That one of our aunts died…
Good ole Aunt Joe
She was one of my father’s sisters

I have a lot of fond memories of her
While we were growing up

She was a great lady
Always smiling…
A quick wit
Loved her family
Loved my dad

She would always say…

I was his baby sister
Until Boots came along

It got me thinking…

We shared so many memories with…
Our parents…Grandparents…
Aunts and Uncles
While we were growing up
But we knew so little about them

Thinking back
I remember all of us getting together…
Family holidays…Family parties
Trips to the shore

Everyone was….
Laughing…Teasing…Taunting each other
Just like all siblings do

You could feel the love they all had for each other

Yet…when they were on their own
They became very private

My sister Mo was speaking with our Dad
Several years before he passed away

She said…

I have known you my whole life
But I find I don’t even know you

Do you mind if I ask you some questions
About your life growing up

His response…

No real personal ones…

That answer stopped her in her tracks…
She hesitated to proceed

Today…Things are different
People are living their lives…
All over facebook…

I am eating dinner at….
I just went for a bike ride thru…
Can’t wait to go to…
The conversations go on and on…

I worked with my Pop
For 25 years
He was a great inspiration
And a mentor…

Yet I find…
I knew very little about
The influences
That made him the man
We all admired

Growing up
Living thru the depression
Fighting in World War II

Those issues
May that have silenced him
As it silenced others…

Those experiences
May have also drove him
As it drove others

Their whole generation
Came out of the depression
Came out of the war
With a vision to…

Never let that happen again

Working to establish a career
Wanting to provide for their family

Never let that happen again

With this attitude…
Many went on to
Exceed their expectations

Many did find the American Dream

The United States grew as a nation and…


May we all learn from the example they set