We Have a Choice

December 6, 2018


An article caught my eye recently

A high school football coach

Suspended his entire team

After the school’s guidance counselor alerted him

Of an online bullying incident

Involving some of the players

The coach couldn’t be sure

Which players were responsible

Since the site allows users to

Remain anonymous

So…. he suspended all the players

At that point…

The coach outlined

A community outreach program

That would allow the student-athletes

To earn their jerseys back

The coach went on to say….

“Good character is more to be praised
Than outstanding talent…

Most talents are, to some extent, a gift…
Good character, by contrast, is not given to us.
We have to build it…piece-by-piece…

By thought…By choice…Courage… and Determination.”

This coach showed

Great leadership and character…

Handling this incident

I am thankful for the years I participated in sports

We had great coaches over the years

Who taught me great discipline and humility…

I have seen many individuals

Blessed with great talents

Come and go…

They were expecting…

Not accepting

Humility…is accepting these talents

As a gift…

Using them to make the people around you better

A good friend shared the below saying

After they read one of my newsletters

I think it ties in perfectly…

Thoughts become words

Words become actions

Actions become habits

Habits become character

Character is everything

Every Day is a Gift…..

Christmas is upon us…

We may have the perfect present to decorate the coffee table

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