January 15, 2018

Baby it’s cold outside…(BICO)


It all started last week

Weather forecasters were calling for a…

Bomb Cyclone


That’s a new name….


Who do they pay to come up with this stuff…


El Nino, La Nina, Polar Vortex and…

Last summer they came out with Dew Points

Now it’s a Bomb Cyclone


An artic blast dipped into the south and came up the coast


It was snowing in Jacksonville and Tallahassee

It snowed in Savannah and Charleston

The storm was 800 miles out at sea

Yet it dumped from 12 – 18 inches along the NJ coast line

While the Phila area got 4-6 inches


I was out shoveling in 2-inch intervals


Easier on the back…


Winds were howling at 30- 40 miles an hour almost all day




The Bomb Cyclone was officially listed as a blizzard…


The National Weather Bureau defines a blizzard as a storm

which contains large amounts of snow OR blowing snow,

with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile

for an extended period of time (at least 3 hours)


I will say it again….




I went on retreat last weekend

While there…

I decided to venture outside for a walk


On Saturday the temperature was 8 degrees

With feels like temperature of -4 below


On Sunday…

I woke up and it was 0 degrees


Yea…You got that right…


Zero (0)

The feels like temperature was again -4 below


The rooms were having problems

Keeping up with the frigid temperatures

So…. I just threw on an extra blanket



I drove home from work on Monday

The roads, sidewalks and my driveway were…

One big sheet of ice


It may look nice and shiny from a distance

But it was a real mess



After all this

My wife has just about had it with this cold snap


She walked into our office and said…


“It’s freezing out there

I can’t take this cold anymore

When can we go to Florida”…


She didn’t have to ask me twice…

I booked a flight that afternoon


We’ll just have to tough out the cold

Till mid-February



Every Day is a Gift


Thanks for the referrals


Welcome 2018

January 5, 2018

 Who knows where the time goes…..


When we were younger and in school

We had units of measure we used to live by

There was always a holiday in waiting

It helped to pass the time

Knowing that the long Thanksgiving weekend was coming….

In less than a month….

We would be on Christmas break



Every year seems to go a little faster

We have become…… beyond teens….


Time just seems to mesh

Just like that….

2017 is in the books


Will 2018 be different

That is up to us


I will be heading to Malvern this weekend

For our annual retreat

This will be 34 years

What a great way to start each year
Taking time to reflect on what happened in my life during the last year

Praying for the wisdom to guide me thru the next year


I will also be Praying……

That time slows down

Helping me to live more in the moment….


It is easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle…

Easily distracted….

Projecting thoughts…

Always looking forward…

Not paying attention to the now…


It is in the now……That peace is found

I pray to ground myself in the now


Welcome 2018

Merry Christmas

December 19, 2017

The spirit of Christmas is in the air

The kids are home from school


Families are making plans to get together

The excitement builds

As you are buying presents

Looking for that one special gift

That will bring a smile to their face


Love is in the air


No matter how your day is going

Many find…

They are lifted by the Christmas spirit


I was speaking with a client recently

And asked how they were doing….

They responded….


“Great…. I wish it was always December.”


Let’s make a special toast….


May your everyday be a December….


Let us take time

To celebrate and give thanks

To the many things

We take for granted


May we always remember…


Every Day is a Gift


Merry Christmas to All

Happy Dance

December 6, 2017

How was your Thanksgiving…


Long weekends are great

Though… they seem to be few and far between


Over the past 39 years

My wife and I have hosted

Thanksgiving Dinner

Christmas Brunch

Christmas Dinner


Just about every year

Except for maybe 4 or 5 times


Not that I am complaining

We love hosting

It is always about getting the family together

Which is increasingly difficult to do…


Everyone has their own schedules

And sometimes it can take several months

To get everyone synced up

Just to sit down and have a meal together


That is what makes the Holiday meals so special

Everyone tries to be there


This year my wife’s brother… Collin

Moved into a new townhouse


A couple of months ago he said

I think Lindsey and I would like

To host Thanksgiving dinner this year


I’m talking…

Music to my ears


Maybe it is time to pass the torch…


That would be great Col

Can’t wait to see the new townhouse


We walk into their townhouse

And the first thing I see

Is a new roasting pan…

With a turkey in it



I think Collin and Lindsey are in this for the long haul…

They made an investment

Look at that roasting pan


Janet starts with the compliments…


Love this townhouse…

What a great kitchen…

This meal looks great…

I can’t wait to eat…


This food is delicious…


You guys are doing a great job


Are you guys interested in doing this again….


Lindsey smiles…


I’m glad you like it…

We should make this an annual tradition


Janet starts a happy dance across the floor


Collin says wait a minute…


Do I have any say in this…




I don’t think so….

It looks like you bought a new roasting pan

I would hate to see it go to waste


Love this townhouse…


There’s a big hill in the back

The kids can have a great time

Running up and down that hill


Did I tell you we had a Great Thanksgiving…


Thanks Collin and Lindsey


I heard Elizabeth and Evan are planning to do Christmas


What time should we be there…

The Competitive Advantage

November 9, 2017

Many of the people I talk to

Admit to budgeting by….


How much did we spend last year?


How do you know what you spent last year;

Was the correct amount?


It may be your comfort level amount…


Do not take what you paid last year

As the cost of doing business.


In today’s market….

The competitive advantage belongs

To businesses that find smart solutions

To the challenges they face.


One way to keep this edge is….

By taking control of your expenses.


HBS validates what you are currently spending

Identifies sources of additional revenue

That increase your company’s bottom line.


HBS leaves no stones unturned

In our search for savings.


We find ways to save you money…


How do we do it?


We know where to look…

Smile Away

October 26, 2017


I was going to work this week

I stopped at Starbucks

The girl behind me yelled to her friend….


She was sitting there

Staring out the window


Linda…You okay….


Linda snapped out of it and said….



You caught me zoning out


I was on the speedline

Heading to a client


I saw all these people

Just walking in

Blank stares on their faces



Good Morning…..


Hey…How ya doing…


Have a nice day…


Not even a smile…


Caught up in their own little world


Blank Stares


Why the disconnect….


I know….

Sometimes we want to be alone


We may need to be alone

Disconnected from the buzz around you



Always remember


Your smile is the window to the world


“Let us always meet each other with a smile…

 For your smile is the beginning of love”

Mother Theresa

The Gift

October 16, 2017

What we are is God’s gift to us….


What we become is our gift to God. – Eleanor Powell



Just take a moment to read that once again…



Let it breath thru you



What we are is God’s gift to us….


What we become is our gift to God. – Eleanor Powell




I find that to be a very powerful statement




My life has been a true blessing



I grew up in a close-knit



Loving family atmosphere



Attended great schools



Married my best friend



We were blessed with 4 beautiful children



Who have now gone on to bless us with…



5 beautiful grandchildren




I have been able to grow a business



Doing the things that I love



While building lasting friendships




Reflecting on my life


I realize….



It is all a gift




I have heard some people say….





Nobody ever handed me anything




I worked hard for everything I have




I deserve all this





What they fail to realize is…




Everything we have is…




Just a gift






Why was I born in NJ…



Why were so many opportunities…



Made available to me…



During my lifetime




When I stop to reflect….



I am filled with gratitude





We are all blessed





Someone is praying for



The things we all take for granted





Don’t take your life for granted




Our life is our message to the world



Make sure it is inspiring





As we express our gratitude…

we must never forget

that the highest appreciation is

not to utter words…

but to live by them – John F. Kennedy

Get Your DNA Here

September 12, 2017

If you have been watching tv at night lately


You have probably seen the commercials…….



“I found out I was 20% Native American….



I thought I was Italian but I’m actually German”….



(I find myself saying……


Ya vol herr Kommandant….


For no apparent reason)…



That is for you Hogan Hero fans…



Contact and get your DNA results today



I was thinking…


This might be a great gift for my wife’s birthday


So I contacted the company and ordered 2 DNA kits





The results are in



When people ask


So what nationality are you….



I would normally say Irish and English


My mother was 100% Irish


My Pop….75% Irish and 25% English



My wife is 50% Italian from her father’s side


A mix of Irish and Scotch from her mother’s side



When the results came in


My wife was shown as…..


38% Italian

26% Irish

20% Great Britain

6% Western Europe


What happen to the Scotch…..


Is that filed under Great Britain….



My results came in a couple days later


I am……


Drum roll please…..


92% Irish

4% Italian / Greek

2% Western Europe



Not even a trace of English blood


Or as they say Great Britain….



Hey hun….I’m 4% Italian



You’re not Italian



It says here I am 4% Italian


That means I am only 34% less Italian than you



That got her blood pumpin….



You’re not Italian


You’re gonna deny me my 4%



Well….I have had a lot of fun knowing the results



I still can’t believe….No English


But 4% Italian….



Those Romans really gotta around





What does your DNA say….



It may makes for good conversation…





September 12, 2017

Seems like only a few weeks ago


We were saying


Here comes summer



Where did it go…



I know I have been busy




Did I blink and miss it




There were a lot of great memories


Packed into a short period of time




It seemed like we were just getting started and…





It’s Labor Day


It’s…..Back to school



Fall football….soccer…field hockey



Don’t forget to do your Homework…



All eyes turn toward the Eagles



While the Phillies fade into the abyss



My Pop used to say



4th of July….Summer’s over



The older I get


The more I see


The wisdom in those words



Who knows where the time goes…



Just be sure to treasure the time…


We all have been given

Odds are Even

April 4, 2017

I was driving down the street the other day…

That sounds like a great opening line to a song

It is amazing how we take things for granted

You are driving down a street

Looking for an address

The even numbers are on your right

The odd numbers are on your left

Depending on which direction you are driving

This could flip…

Odd numbers on your right

Even numbers on your left

I always noticed that people were having trouble finding our house

Or any house on our street

Cars are always crawling by

Looking at house numbers

They even stop and ask

Where is 827…

Today I found out the reason for the confusion

Our block is actually a horseshoe

It starts off South EPD

With even numbers in the 600s on your right

At the 1st bend

The street turns into EPD and becomes odd numbers in the 800s

On your right

At the 2nd bend

It turns into North EPD and jumps back down to the 600s on your right

Yet it continues as odd numbers

Now…Did you get all that…

Even if it’s odd… it’s odd

Who was the town planners who designed this…..

I never noticed this before

I always wondered why people could not find our house

Or any house on our street for that matter

Was this a design flaw…

Or just someone trying to play with our minds

I actually spoke to a neighbor at the bend

Regarding this Phenomena

They tried to offer a reason for the numbering system

Yea…this is even right here

But at the bend it is no longer South EPD

It is just EPD

So it has a different name


You are correct……


You are 652

And it goes to 801 at the bend 2 houses away

The only difference in the name of the street is that…

Yours’ says South…

What happened to the 700s…

Why does it go from the 600s to the 800s

And why does it turn from even numbers into odd numbers


That’s just the way it is…..


That’s just the way it is…..

If you have trouble finding me

Just give me a call

I will be on the left or right

Depending which direction you are coming from