Everyone Has A Heart

December 14, 2012

This Saturday….




December 15th



Will be our 27th year….



For the Haddon Holiday Heart Run.





We have been thru












Biting Cold….



Unexpected warmth….




Yet each year



The diehard runners



Keep coming back




When we setup this race



27 years ago



That was our intention





If you are a runner



There are a slew of races



You may choose from





Beginning in April



Right on thru Thanksgiving





Christmas is where we saw our opportunity




Let’s have a Holiday Heart Run



Right before Christmas





You will only find



The truly diehard runners participating






Depending on the weather



We have had anywhere from



250 up to 400+ runners



Each year






Santa always shows up





His little elf……



Bernie Parent



Has been our



Honorary Chairman



For the last 10 years





This year we have…….



A special surprise



At the finish line.




You will have to be there to find out





I’m not tellin…..





Over the last 26 years



Our Haddon Holiday Heart Run



Has raised well over






For the American Heart Association






Here’s a few facts you may not be aware of….





Did You Know That…..




“More than 2,200 Americans die


Of cardiovascular diseases each day





That’s one person every 39 seconds.





On average, someone in the United States





Has a stroke every 40 seconds





And a stroke-related death occurs



About every four minutes.”





Those are shocking numbers





Thru the Haddon Holiday Heart Run



We look to raise awareness




All dollars benefit



The American Heart Association’s



Research and Education Programs





Since 1949, the American Heart Association



Has spent more than $3.4 billion…..



Second only to the federal government….



On research to increase our knowledge




About cardiovascular diseases and stroke.





Would you like to join us Saturday?




I have included a link below



To sign up for the run



Register online:





If you are not able to participate



Maybe you would like to make a donation




The link also includes a tab



For you






You may donate from $10 up to $100




There is even a spot available



To write in your own amount







Everyone has a Heart





Your donation will help us




As we work to find a cure





Every Day is a Gift


October 20, 2011

Thanks to all those


Who took time out of their busy day on Saturday morning


To walk with us,




This was the first year that HBS participated


In the American Heart Walk;



We had 15 walkers and….


With the help of friends


Raised over $2000


For the American Heart Association.



Our grandson


George Henry Hutchinson V (G5)



Was on hand and …..


Participated in his first fund raising event



That boy has a future!!!!



He was the center of attention.




We all know someone who has been affected by



Heart disease.




The American Heart Association promotes


Heart Healthy Living



And is dedicated to….



Finding a cure for Heart disease.




HBS will continue to support


This worthy goal




We must remember….




Every day is a Gift



Handle with care.