Attention to Details

October 29, 2020

It is always nice to hear good things about your company…

In my previous life

When we were looking to make a major purchase or an upgrade

I always made it a point

To get as much information as possible

I was not looking to be sold

I was looking to be educated…

Who would be the most qualified…

To implement the program or vision

We were looking to achieve

I never a fan of long-winded explanations…

Just give me the facts…

We were always looking for…

An Apples to Apples comparison…

This is the best way for you can make an objective decision

If a presentation leads to more questions

Then answers…

That can be disheartening

Okay Hutchie….Just what are you trying to say…

Recently I was delighted

When a client complimented HBS

On the completeness of our presentation

They were upfront in telling me that…..

They had interviewed other consultants but…

Found their presentations to be confusing….

Always leaving more questions….then answers…

They found the HBS presentation to be self-explanatory

It told them all the information they needed to know

They liked our attention to detail

Our goal has always been…

To build a relationship while educating our clients

People like to deal with people they…


Feel comfortable with and…

Can Trust

Building trust in our relationships

Is our primary goal

We are here to serve…

As 2020 comes to a close…

Companies are putting budgets together for next year

Do not take for granted

That what your spent last year is…

The cost of doing business

Yes…You may be making money but…

Do not let that provide a comfort level

As business continues to evolve

There are many opportunities to…

Lower costs and increase efficiencies

On many items we all take for granted

As the cost of doing business

HBS has been providing

Smart solutions for Smart Business

For over 20 years

We invite you to be our next success story…

Every Day is a Gift

Thank you for your continued referrals

On Budget

November 2, 2016

I have spoken with many clients recently

Many of them tell me….

This is the most dreaded time of the year

I have been busy working on the budget for next year

How do you budget…..

Many people admit to budgeting by…

How much did we spend last year

How do you know what you spent last year was the correct amount

It may be a comfort level amount…

In today’s growing market it is good to look at all your costs

Do not take what you paid last year

As the cost of doing business

HBS leaves no stones unturned in our search for savings

We find ways to save you money

Contact us for a free consultation

Every Day is a Gift…..

Do you?

January 21, 2008

Do you have vehicles on the road?

Where are they?

How much time is wasted traveling between assignments?

 How is their driving? 

Many companies are asking this question and have phone numbers visibly placed on the back of their vehicles.

 Have you received any complaints? 

Are your vehicles running efficiently?

 Has the manufacturer ever notified you of a recall? 

Do you keep vehicle service records?

How would you like all this information right at your disposal?

 Networkcar has made it very affordable. 

Whether you have 3 vehicles or 300 vehicles, you can place all your vehicles in the palm of your hands.

No special programs, you can access Networkcar from any computer. Just log in and our satellite will locate all your vehicles. It will provide a log of:

·      Where are all you vehicles?

·      Where they have been since the day started?

·      How fast are or have they been going?

·      How long were they idling?

·      Is the engine currently running or is it off?

·      Has there been any off time usage?

·      What is the current mileage?

·      How many miles per gallon is the vehicle getting?

·      Is there any signal noting the engine needs attention?

·      Is it due for routine maintenance?

·      Has there been a recall?

This is just a sample of the information that is available to you.


Click on or copy the link provided below to learn more about the benefits of the Networkcar solution.



Our clients find that Networkcar is the solution they have been looking for?

 Affordable, our clients are finding the ROI is less than 6 months. 

Want to know more?

Just give us a call and ask for a demo.


 Hutchinson Business Solutions…Your CFO on the Go.

Defining opportunities today … Providing savings for tomorrow.

I was meeting with a potential client the other morning and we were discussing a number of HBS saving opportunities. The subject came to their phone bill. They said wait a minute let me go pull it out.

My first question. Why is it so high?

A quick glance showed me that they were signed up on the Verizon custopak program. They also had unlimited local, regional and long distance calling. Why all these premium services and plans? This was only a small business.Still something didn’t look right.I started paging thru and saw they were being charged $29.99 a month for dial-up service.I thought you told me that you have DSL. Yes, I pay $59.99 a month for it.

OK, I see that. Why are you paying for dial-up?

I also see you are paying $49.99 a month for web hosting. What is that? I don’t know, I never ordered it.

They were being billed $80 a month for services they were not aware of, plus they were paying for premium services they never use.

We see this happen all the time.I wish it could be said that this was a rare occurrence.

That is what makes Hutchinson Business Solutions unique. Most companies would never have said anything and just flipped the service as is.

Is that the right thing to do?

It takes a little more time; we make a little less commission however we provided a genuine service and savings for our clients.

What’s on your phone bill?

Take a moment to pull it out. Having trouble understanding what it says. Don’t panic. That is why they set up the bills that way.Let us help!

You can email us or give us a call 856-857-1230.

You may be surprised at what your paying!