Are You Prepared

April 9, 2015

Most people feel…

It will never happen to them


When you least expect it

You’re elected

What am I speaking about

Disaster Recovery

It a big topic in the

Communication industry

Is this something

You have looked at

Are you prepared

Did you know

40% of businesses affected by

Natural or man-made disasters

Never recover

IT disasters are inevitable

Whether it’s a simple server crash

Or a business office destroyed

By an environmental incident

The impact includes:


Decreased productivity

Lost data and

Financial loss

The average loss being $41,900

Many organizations distrust

Their current disaster recovery approaches

While there is interest

In cloud based recovery

There is still a need

For education

Cloud based recovery is a


Cost efficient alternative

To traditional disaster recovery

It requires fewer resources and

Infrastructure assets

There is greater business continuity

In the event of a disaster

With businesses experiencing

Less downtime

Would you like to learn more

HBS is working with experts

In the disaster recovery field

We will help you to

Be prepared

Remember Your Bandwidth

October 24, 2014

Bandwidth directly correlates to backup and disaster recovery. The need for internet speed is going to keep increasing as more people adopt cloud strategies and move their CRMs, accounting, servers, and more to the cloud. These services are mission critical. In order to make these work, more bandwidth is necessary to create more efficiency.
The need for more bandwidth goes hand in hand with having a good backup and disaster recovery plan. Having a failover – additional connection – gives additional protection. Planning for future growth with additional bandwith is just as important as establishing a good disaster recovery plan.