Back to Reality

February 16, 2018

What a whirlwind
The last week and a half has been…

For all you lifelong Philly fans…
The Eagles finally hit pay dirt

What a game….
It looked like a shoot out

Tom Brady played one of his best games ever
And lost….

Nick Foles was in a zone….

Rather than succumbing to pressure of the moment
Foles took it to a whole new level….
And brought the Super Bowl Trophy
To Philadelphia

My wife and I ran out to Dicks right after the game
And bought shirts for our kids and grand kids

It looked like they were giving away free money…
Hundreds of people making their way
Thru a maze
To the table in the center of Dicks
That held all the shirts

Shirts were flying in every direction

Excuse me…
Where does it say what size this is….
I don’t need that size
Where’s the women’s medium
Are the men’s large over there….
Do you see any youth small anywhere…
We need 3 of them

Now that we have the shirts….
It is hurry up and wait….

Oh….We have to pay for all this fun

$400 later….
We didn’t get home until right before midnight…

Then I said to myself…
It is way past my bedtime…
I should probably go to bed…

Go to Bed….
How could I just go to sleep…
The Eagles won the Super Bowl
And there is going to be a big parade

Anybody else have that problem….
Going to sleep that night…
I was wide awake till about 2:30…

I got a text after the game…

Coming up for the parade
Do you have an extra bed…

Flem was flying in from Florida
This is going to be fun…

The parade went off without a hitch
We took the Speedline over
And watched the parade at 15th and Market
Right by City Hall
Brent hooked us up….

The crowd loved it…
The players loved it…
The police loved it…
We all loved it…
It was a Philadelphia lovefest

People could not stop smiling
And yes…
There were a lot of Eagle chants and singing……

Fly Eagles fly…
Thousands of people singing at once

E A G L E S…..

You could feel the energy all around you

So now what…
It’s……Back to Reality…

Sports radio is a buzz…
Will the Eagles repeat…
What do we do with Foles…
Hour by hour they go on…

We will be hearing the same conversation
For the next couple of months

Did you know the Phillies Pitchers and Catchers
Started practicing Feb 14th…

Valentine’s Day

Is this the sign for another lovefest…

The full team starts practicing Feb 19th

It’s Phillies Spring training…

That should help fill the time



Every Day is a Gift

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October 25, 2010

It was a tough weekend.

First, the Phillies; expectations were high. We were supposed to win. 

Did anyone tell the Giants? Either someone forgot or they were not listening. I have been accused of that; it is called selective hearing. Most husbands have been accused of that. 

Either way the Boys of Summer loss their mojo and could not even come up with hits. Especially when runners were on the bases. Think of how the game ended. Runners on first and second; 2 outs; down by 1 run and Ryan Howard works up a 3-2 count. 

Now what were we all taught way back in little league? 

This goes back to basics! When you have a 3-2 count, you protect the plate. You swing at anything that could remotely be called a strike. You don’t look at a 3rd strike!

 After all the ups and downs thru the season, we end up feeling deflated.

 Wait till next year. Spring training starts in 103 days. This may be of little solace.

 What happened to this year? The season seems to have ended prematurely.

Well, we can always turn our attention to the Eagles. They have been on a roll, 4-2 going into Sunday’s game with Tennessee.


Seems like a good problem for Andy Reid to have? They have both elevated their game and are playing at a high level. Can they remain healthy?

The defense has been putting pressure on the quarterback, controlling the run and not allowing the other teams gain any momentum.

The receivers seem to be having a protective shield around them. Taking the ball downfield, sometimes almost scoring at will.

That was until yesterdays’ 4th quarter disaster against Tennessee. 27 points? Don’t you love when they start playing the prevent defense? A recipe for disaster, bend; don’t stretch. Who came up with that defense anyway?

For Philadelphia fans it was a weekend that took the wind out of our sails. It left all the diehard fans feeling deflated. The old kick in the gut never seems to feel good but we keep coming back.

There’s always next game, next week, next season.

Philly….don’t you just love it?

Now you may be thinking why is he talking about philly sports and how does the word deflated tie into HBS?

Good question.

Most of the time when you think of the word deflated it tends to have a negative connotation. However, for us, the word can be seen in a positive context.

When the utility market is deflated, that means the commodity (natural gas and electric) market prices are down, which translate into savings for you, the client.

How much has the natural gas price index dropped?

From its’ high of $14.34 a decatherm in July 2008, it has slowly dropped over 70% during the past 2 years. In October 2010, the index was $4.12 a decatherm.

Pretty amazing!

Where’s the bottom? Some analysts think we may have neared the bottom and prices will start inching up, especially now that winter is just ahead of us. However, should we see warmer winter temperatures prevail, we may see prices drop even further.

HBS has been advising our clients to take advantage of the downside.

You may choose to lock in on a price for a 1 or 2 year term, thereby protecting yourself from market fluctuations or you may choose to float the market index and take advantage of the current downside savings.

With falling natural gas prices, you will also see this will reflect in lower prices for the deregulated electric market prices.

Why you may ask?

Well, 30% of the electric in the US is generated by natural gas. So natural gas seems to be a natural indicator on electric prices. As natural gas prices go down, so do electric prices.

If you are a business spending a minimum of $5000 a month for either natural gas or electric, you should be looking at the savings being found in the deregulated market.

Since deregulation started in the late 1990’s, the local providers were told they could no longer be in the supply business. You may choose to get your natural gas or electric from a 3rd party provider or you may continue receiving your supply from the local provider at a default price which is normally higher than the deregulated market price.

Many of our clients find out they do qualify and are taking advantage of this deregulated opportunity.

If you like to know more, email

We know that the economy has been tough on business. However, HBS has found a silver lining by bringing deregulated utility saving to our clients.

To find out if you qualify, all we need is a copy of you latest natural gas or electric bill from your local provider. We will also need a letter of authorization that will allow us to pull the annual usage for your account(s). With this information, we will be able to validate what you are currently paying and present what opportunity for savings may be available for you.

Now is the time to take deflated utility prices and let them work for you.

Let the savings fall to the bottom line!

You may find it brings a smile to your face.