I was catching up on my weekend news blips and they said something about $4.00 gas by May.


Is this the next hurdle?


I remember riding down Haddonfield road with my son Grant last year and he said, “ Look dad, gas is only $2.62.”


My response was, “they got you right where they want you.”

They take the time to run the price up over $3.00 and then scale it back to just under $3.00 so you feel you are getting a break or a discount.

 Are you prepared for $4.00 gas?

Is that in your budget?


On another note; the state has just finished their annual electric auction.

Guess what is going up as of June 1, 2008?

Just in time for summer!

All indications are showing that increases will be about 10%. 


Not to let gasoline or electric to share the spotlight alone, natural gas is still on the rise.

All indications are that pricing is running against the tide.

Reserves are at a 5-year high!

Has there even been a cold streak this winter?

Where’s all the snow?

Yet prices are climbing and are running from $13 to $15 a decatherm.

State of the Economy

I heard the R word this weekend. 

Warren Buffet said we are in the beginning of a recession.

Politicians are in denial until after the election!

What are your thoughts? 

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