Giving Hope

April 13, 2012

For the last 8 years I have shared an affiliation


With Hopeworks in Camden



4 of those years I was on the Board;



And for 2 years I served as the


President of the Board





Hopeworks is the vision of Fr Jeff Putthoff



A Jesuit



Gotta love the Jesuits




Fr Jeff  has committed himself to making a difference



In Camden




Thru hard work and patience



His vision is becoming a reality




Camden is recognized as one of



America’s poorest cities




There has been constant wrangling


Whether it is #1 or #2




It is also is ranked #2



As one of America’s




Dangerous cities





Over 40% of the youth never even graduate



From High School




Hopeworks vision:




Empowering the youth to identify



And develop their D.R.E.A.M.S.




(Dynamic, Realizable Efforts to Attain and Maintain Success)



And own their future.





Hopeworks provides the youth an opportunity to



Stay in school



Or to



Get their GED




Learn a skill




Giving them an opportunity to




Go to college





Education is the Key




The environment that The Camden youth



Are exposed to



Is frightening



Just within the last month


Over 3 people were shot and killed


Within a 2 block radius of Hopeworks


At 5th and State St




Drugs are dealt opening



One youth when asked what he hoped to do


When he got older



Stated that before coming to Hopeworks



He never really thought about it




For he never expected to live past 17




When he was 10 years old


His brother died in his arms


A victim of the streets



By 12 years old he was running drugs


And arrested on gun charges



After he shot at the police





Hopeworks is making a difference




While I was on the Board


Fr Jeff introduced the




Fun in the Sun Calendar



Each summer;  Hopework uses


The Fun in the Sun Calendar


To help fund summer jobs


For Camden youth




This summer we are hoping to raise


Enough funds to support


25 summer jobs at Hopeworks





This is where you can help




I have agreed to be a Captain


For the Fun in the Sun program




I am looking for you to help me sell


60 tickets



Which will help us to partially fund the



Hopeworks summer work program




There are many options available



1 subscription cost $20



You may also choose to support a youth for 1 week



That only cost $160



Each day in June a name will be pulled


From those you have bought a subscription




You will have a chance to win a


Specific dollar amount assigned to that day



One lucky subscribe stands to win





That could be you



Click on the link below to get more information about the



Fun in the Sun Subscription


And take a minute to look at the other tabs on the website



These tabs provide more information


About Hopeworks



Their Vision and Mission statements



The programs available



To the Camden youth




Hopeworks is all about



Giving back……



Providing Hope…..



Opening Doors……



Fulfilling Dreams……




Let’s take time to Pay it Forward




It is my hope that you will help us



Give 25 youth in Camden



A job at Hopeworks



This summer




Note: Should you choose to buy a subscription


There is a space that ask for the captain name


Please enter my name



And God Bless You



We are now on Facebook!/pages/Hutchinson-Business-Solutions/160324787348229


Visit our website: