The Dash

June 18, 2014

A couple of months ago

I attended a funeral

During the Mass

The priest read a poem

Written by Linda Ellis

Simply Titled….

The Dash

The poem seemed to be

The topic of conversation

After the service

I never heard that before

That was very profound

It really made me stop and think

When we look at a gravestone

We only see

A name

A date of Birth


The date they passed away

Between the 2 dates

You will find….

The dash

The little dash stands for

Everything that was accomplished

During their lifetime

What do we do to fill our dash

What have we passed on…

To our family….



All who we meet

What is our legacy

What did we do with the gifts

We were given

This is the measure of our dash

How do we want to be remembered

If given the chance to write

Our own epithet

What would it say

Do we live to fulfill

The words we would write

Live Your Dash!

Welcome G5

January 13, 2011


On Saturday January 8th 2011, George Henry Hutchinson V was born into our family.

 Welcome G5!!!!

The proud parents are Caroline and George IV. Everyone is healthy and Caroline and G5 were release from the hospital on Tuesday January 11th. It is a proud day for all the Hutchinsons and Cooks.

Five generation of Georges. That’s quite a feat. In fact, I am the only George that has had the pleasure to know all 5 of the Georges. I am sure my Grandfather and Father are beaming to know that the name lives on.

This legacy almost never happened. When my mother was pregnant with me, my father wanted to name the baby Daniel Paul Hutchinson.  My Grandfather, an astute man, said maybe you should name this one George Henry Hutchinson 111, and you can name the next one Daniel Paul. He must have known something, for we ended up having 5 girls in our family.

The legacy would have ended before it even began.

When Janet and I got married and we found out she was pregnant I was careful not to be too pushy. We looked at baby names both boys and girls. When she gave birth and was asked what she wanted to name the new baby, she smiled at me and said George Henry Hutchinson IV. My heart jumped; what an honor.

My father was sooo pleased that he would stop by our house almost every morning, walk in, look at George IV and turn to Janet and say, “Thank You.”

So here’s to G5!!!!

May you have many great years, live life to the fullest, aspire to achieve and have many friends.  

May love always live in your heart.

God Bless You.