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September 12, 2017

If you have been watching tv at night lately


You have probably seen the commercials…….



“I found out I was 20% Native American….



I thought I was Italian but I’m actually German”….



(I find myself saying……


Ya vol herr Kommandant….


For no apparent reason)…



That is for you Hogan Hero fans…



Contact and get your DNA results today



I was thinking…


This might be a great gift for my wife’s birthday


So I contacted the company and ordered 2 DNA kits





The results are in



When people ask


So what nationality are you….



I would normally say Irish and English


My mother was 100% Irish


My Pop….75% Irish and 25% English



My wife is 50% Italian from her father’s side


A mix of Irish and Scotch from her mother’s side



When the results came in


My wife was shown as…..


38% Italian

26% Irish

20% Great Britain

6% Western Europe


What happen to the Scotch…..


Is that filed under Great Britain….



My results came in a couple days later


I am……


Drum roll please…..


92% Irish

4% Italian / Greek

2% Western Europe



Not even a trace of English blood


Or as they say Great Britain….



Hey hun….I’m 4% Italian



You’re not Italian



It says here I am 4% Italian


That means I am only 34% less Italian than you



That got her blood pumpin….



You’re not Italian


You’re gonna deny me my 4%



Well….I have had a lot of fun knowing the results



I still can’t believe….No English


But 4% Italian….



Those Romans really gotta around





What does your DNA say….



It may makes for good conversation…






September 12, 2017

Seems like only a few weeks ago


We were saying


Here comes summer



Where did it go…



I know I have been busy




Did I blink and miss it




There were a lot of great memories


Packed into a short period of time




It seemed like we were just getting started and…





It’s Labor Day


It’s…..Back to school



Fall football….soccer…field hockey



Don’t forget to do your Homework…



All eyes turn toward the Eagles



While the Phillies fade into the abyss



My Pop used to say



4th of July….Summer’s over



The older I get


The more I see


The wisdom in those words



Who knows where the time goes…



Just be sure to treasure the time…


We all have been given

Paid it Forward

July 28, 2016

When I was younger

Beginning my business career

My Uncle Robert Hutchinson

Who was my father’s godfather…


Took a special interest in me


Each day he would call….


“Here is the word of the day….

Here is the thought of the day….

Write it down”


I had a day timer back then….

Each day I would write down

His words of encouragement and inspiration


It is touching

That he took time out of his day

To stop and think of me


He was a true gentlemen…

My first mentor


Uncle Robert loved to draw

Write poetry

Play piano

Belt out a great song


I can still picture him

Sitting at the piano…….singing

“You always hurt the one you love…..

The one you shouldn’t hurt at all….”


He even took the time

To show me how to play the piano


He would stop by

After work each week


“Have you been practicing what I showed you….

Here try this….”


Always inspiring

He was lifting me up

Nurturing me

Helping me grow


Showing me that life is a blessing


What makes me think of my Uncle Robert today…..


I saw a post this morning


Your life is your message to the world.

Make sure it’s inspiring.


That just about says it all…..


How do we all want to be remembered….


Erma Bombeck once said….


“When I stand before God at the end of my life,

I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left

And could say,

I used everything you gave me.”


Uncle Robert paid it forward


Thank you Uncle Robert


Every Day is a Gift



Thank you for your referrals

Do It

August 17, 2012

I was getting on the speed line



The other day and…..



I saw a sign for



Pierce College




Don’t dream. Do…..




That message hits…




Right to the point.





A real source of inspiration




For years Nike has been saying



Just do it!




I remember growing up


Looking around


Seeing my friends and classmates


And thinking



They are really lucky



They seem to be



Really on the ball





What do they have



That I don’t?




How do I get what they have?





What was the….










A belief in oneself





At age 11 to 15


That was pretty lacking



Those are tough years…



Not just for me




But for most yon teens




I found my inner strength


Thru sports




Had some great coaches


Over the years



They believed in me


More than I believed in myself



They challenged me



Held me accountable



Inspired discipline



In my efforts



It was thru their efforts


That I was able….



To dream



To reach













My family also played


A big part…



For they always made me feel







I am a firm believer


That if you are



Looking to achieve a goal in your life



You must first




Believe in your capabilities….




Focus on


What you are looking to achieve…




Thru discipline





Dedicate your efforts



Toward achieving that…..



















View it thru your……





Mind’s eye









Go after it






Your efforts will be rewarded






You will succeed







You may….



Hit some bumps



Along the road?




Do not let that be a deterrence





A wise friend has told me that




Failure creates success





When you lose….




Don’t lose the lesson






You may follow your dreams









Don’t Just Dream……









The world awaits you


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