November 5, 2012

This is fast becoming

The week that was

For once,

The meteorologist

Were dead on


The resulting devastation

Around New Jersey

And Pennsylvania

Is almost……



The road from Avalon

Heading toward the bridge

Into Townsend Inlet


Is wiped out

The eye of the hurricane

Was right in


Right near Sea Isle City

This may actually have saved


Our little town.

The heavy winds and flooding

Hit north of us

Heavy rains hit…

South of us

Ocean City is still flooded

As I write this.

I am sure you have all seen

Pictures of

Atlantic City…..



Damages are severe

But most can be rebuilt

Long Beach Island….

Toms River….


The Ocean has met the Bay


These towns could be lost


To Mother Nature

We all hope and pray


That is not the case


What I have been fascinated about…

Is the spirit of cooperation

That exists…

Everyone is….

Going out of their way

To help everyone else

The rumble of politics has ceased


As we pull together

To help each other

It is in times like this

That the spirit of America



We are all one…

Working for the benefit

Of all


We are our brother’s keeper

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