A Lot of Singles

October 20, 2010

 The baseball playoffs are in full swing and already I’m feeling the angst. Somehow the Phillies can do that to you. They have proven that they are as capable of playing and beating any team in the league (on any given night).

It seems to be feast or famine. One night everyone is hitting and they score a ton of runs. The next night, H2O is throwing a great game and the Phillies will not put a run on the board.

We find ourselves sitting there, on the edge of our seat. Victorino singles; Utley gets hit by a pitch, Palanco walks and then here comes Howard. Just one swing of the bat and the momentum will change. Howard is more than capable of doing it, but will he?

Many of us are always looking for that one big play that will break the spell and open the floodgates. Put us back in the game.

Well, we may hit that homerun at times in a clutch situation but I have found that life is made up of a lot of singles.

Singles aren’t bad!! If you are going for singles, many times you may find you get an extra base hit. Go on, stretch it out and slide in there for a double.

It’s what keeps the juices flowing. Go ahead; mix it up a little.

If we are constantly swinging for the fence, we are more apt to find disappointment. Not to say we won’t put one over the fence eventually but you may also strike out a lot.

There has to be a balance in life.

Have you ever heard…It’s the little things mean a lot.

As in baseball, I have also found this to be true in our business.

HBS provides Smart Solutions for Smart Business.

Have we ever hit a homerun? Yes we have.

But what have we built our business on?


People like to deal with someone they know, feel comfortable with and trust to do the right thing.

It is these qualities that form the bond of friendship and can help grow any business.

It is the little things that mean a lot.

Let’s keep hitting those singles!!

Go Phils!!!