Many companies and government entities are choosing to go solar through a recent financing mechanism known as a power purchase agreement or a PPA.

A PPA is a long-term agreement to buy power from a separate company that finances and owns the solar system and then sells the end-user the electricity generated by the system.

Hutchinson Business Solutions (HBS) PPA partners use their own funds to finance the installation of a solar power system for your facility. The same PPA partner maintains and operates the solar power system, typically for 15 years or more.

In purchasing, operating and maintaining the solar system, the PPA partner assumes all the risks and responsibilities of ownership. At the end of the PPA term you can either purchase the solar system at fair market value or extend the PPA.
With a PPA you reap all the advantages of going solar, from lower electricity costs to public relations benefits, while conserving precious capital for other needs and opportunities.
We feel that a Power Purchase Agreements provide the best funding vehicle for Municipal and Non Profit Organizations. The Federal and State Governments have provided many financial incentives.
A Power Purchase Agreement allows these organizations to take advantage of these incentives with no upfront investments and save on electric cost.
PPAs at a glance:
  • Third-party financing company purchases a solar electric system for your facility, then charges you for the electricity generated.
  • No up-front capital required.
  • No maintenance work or risk.
  • You secure a long-term contract for power, often below current utility rates.
  • Stabilize an operating cost that was once highly variable.
  • Fixed electricity rates are a hedge against rising energy costs or spikes.
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Federal and state tax incentives have increased the demand for solar adoption in the for-profit world, but tax-exempt agencies in the non-profit sector have remained particularly challenged to afford green energy options.

With a Power Purchase Agreement , a non-profit organizations can immediately reap the rewards of clean, renewable solar electric power while assuring long-term affordability in an uncertain traditional energy market. Hutchinson Business Solutions (HBS)  serves a growing need among tax-sheltered non-profit organizations by providing affordable solar electric power. With a Power Purchase Agreement, we offer competitive energy pricing and green benefits without the upfront expense or ongoing maintenance cost of owning or leasing a solar facility.

Non-Profit Power Purchase Agreement: Agreements Under the Sun

A HBS Power Purchase Agreement addresses all necessary phases of employing renewable solar energy, including:

  • Partner-led solar array installation built to demand
  • Initiation of system power and completion of certifications and regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing system monitoring, maintenance and service
  • Cost savings and energy tariff optimization
  • System design, financing and purchase
  • Site and energy demand assessments

Your organization doesn’t need to be distracted from its goals by the complexities of solar energy, but you do need an affordable way to put renewable energy to work for you. What if your renewable energy source was as easy to manage as a single line-item in your budget? That’s the advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement from HBS.

You may have asked yourself some of these questions:

 How can we afford the up-front investment fo solar energy?

Can we devote the time, energy, and money to maintaining the equipment?

Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

A Power Purchase Agreement addresses all of these concerns and allows your organization to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the risk. The energy solution for your organization is a Power Purchase Agreement from Hutchinson Business Solutions.

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