Say What?

December 6, 2007



Are you on the Verizon network?



Have you looked at your bill recently?



Just what services are you paying for?



Custopak -What is this Custopak program? Are they just regular lines?



Centrex – Wait a minute, this says Centrex and it even cost more? What does this do?



Welcome to the Verizon hook – line – and sinker!



Many clients when they called Verizon to install plain old telephone (Pots) lines are told that Verizon was running a special and that installation charges would be waived if they signed up for the Custopak or Centrex programs. The problem is that 95% of the public never knows just what these programs do and as a result do not use them.

 End Result: 

You telecom charges are higher than they should be. Are you interested in saving from 15% to 40%? 

Take a moment to look at your current Verizon bill.



Are paying for Custopak or Centrex services?



What benefits do these services give your business?



If you do not know this answer to this question, then give us a call.





You are paying for a service you don’t use or need.



Hutchinson Business Solution clients are saving from 15% to 40% by switching to other independent providers who use the Verizon platform.



These savings are available to you. All you have to do is ask!



You may email to take the first step.

 Let the savings begin!

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