Did You Know:


  • Unemployment is the 2nd  highest employer mandated tax
  • Each claim should be looked at as a potential $12,000 liability
  • Your Unemployment account is similar to having an open checkbook with the State:
    • The State assigns your rates
    • The State has total control of all monies in the account
    • The State determines the amount of each payment and disburses payments from this account
    • The State sends a quarterly reconciliation of all activity in the account
    • Would you handle your personal account this way?


Did You Know:


  • State of New Jersey has  a 12% error rate in the payment of unemployment claims.


The states are overpaying the amount of the claims and taking money from your account.


How we can help:

Our unemployment claim service will lower your rate because

  • We will audit every claim
    • Is the claim your responsibility?
    • Is the proposed dollar amount to be paid correct?
    • Are you 100% responsible for the claim being paid?
    • Is your account being charged for subsequent activities?


  • We will become the address of record and promptly notify you and file all necessary claim forms for your company.


  • We will review your existing claim procedure and make updates as needed to coordinate the handling of claim information between our offices.


  • We will hold seminars with key individuals and train your employees


  • We will reconcile your account to make sure the state has properly recorded all the payments and payroll information  that has been forwarded to their office.


  • We will verify your rate annually and determine if a voluntary contribution is applicable.

Should you want to know more about unemployment you may email george@hbsadvantage.com.

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