Summer is almost here and I think we had our first Heat Wave.

Lucky for us, the air conditioner went out and our office was 88 degrees for the last 2 days!

Maybe the heat got to me?

We have been working with several potential clients lately and they are with Verizon and / or ATT. When I asked them if they are happy with their service, they normally laugh and say:

 ” What service! Verizon / ATT is so difficult to deal with. You never speak to the same person twice and it takes tooooo long to just get a person.”

So why do Verizon and ATT have so many clients?

Name recognition!

When you want to order a new service, you pick up the telephone book and say, ” I guess we should just call Verizon. ”

Bigger is not always better!

Hutchinson Business Solutions have strategic partnerships with providers who do a great job servicing Verizon and ATT accounts. And the best news … they also cost less.

Our clients are saving from 15% uto 40%

As part of deregulation and to encourage competition, Verizon and ATT were told to open the door and that they could no longer be the sole providers. They were told to make their network available to other providers.

Thanks to deregulation, your telephone service will remain on the Verizon / ATT platform and your new provider will do the billing.

This amounts to a billing change that will provides savings!

Personal service is only a phone call away!

Competition is good.

Think about the normal cost for calling long distance 10 years ago. $.30 to $.50 cents a minute was not uncommon.

What are you currently paying for long distance?

If you are paying more than $.05 cents per minute, you are paying too much!

Did you know that Verizon charges local calling in message units? They assume each local call will last 5 minutes so they charge $.08 for each message unit.

Make a 6 minute local call, now you are paying 2 message units or $.16.

Suppose you were calling home and said, ” I’m on my way. ”

That cost you $.08.

Our providers charge local calling @ $.015 cents per minute. Now, doesn’t that make more sense?

Summer Special for all Verizon and ATT clients

Any current Verizon or ATT client, who contacts us as a result of reading this blog and agrees to change their telecom provider prior to 8/31/08, will recieve a 10% rebate of their 1st monthly bill with our new provider from Hutchinson Business Solutions.

Now there is no excuse!

You can increase the quality of your telecom service and we will rebate 10% of your 1st monthly bill.

You may email to review and discuss your current telecom cost and receive a free proposal that will provide savings.

Yu may also visit us on the web to learn more about opportunities to lower cost and increase profitability for your company.


The NJ Solar Lure

June 3, 2008


As electric costs continue to rise, companies are looking for opportunities to control these costs. They find it is hard to budget for the yearly increases that are market driven and unpredictable.


The State Dilemma:


  • The demand for electric is projected to increase 1.5% a year thru 2020
  • Increase demand will lead to possible brownouts in the next 8–10 years
  • Electric price increases are trending over 10% a year


The State of New Jersey is committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy source to 22.5% by 2020.  Recent steps have been implemented to help jump start the program and provide an incentive that finally provides an ROI that makes sense.


Below is an outline of the steps recently taken that makes this investment desirable.

  • Federal Government provides 30% tax credit.
  • PSEG will be paying SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) each time a solar electric system generates 1000kwh of electricity. 
  • Your electric bill will be decreased by the value of the electric you are generating.
  • Full 7% State Sales Tax Exemption
  • Federal Guidelines allow for 5 year accelerated Depreciation of basis.
  • We can provide very competitive financing and your loan interest is deductible. 

Hutchinson Business Solutions has partners with BP Solar, a world leader in the solar field. They are the only company that has been making solar panels longer than their warranty (30 years). They offer a full 25-year warranty on the equipment and a full 10-year warranty on the installation.


The first step

The Federal Government and the State of New Jersey recognize they must provide incentives to entice the public to participate. They have taken the first step, it is now our turn. We must recognize the issue is real. Our demand for electric is surpassing our ability to supply this need. Alternative methods must be found to help supplement the supply of electric.


You can be your own provider


Our solar solution will not only help reduce the need to buy electric from the local provider; some clients are finding they are actually selling electric back to the provider. 


To learn more about your solar opportunities send an email to


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Excerps as reported on

(Bloomberg) — U.S. personal spending slowed in April after record fuel costs, a slump in home values and a deteriorating job market eroded consumer confidence.

The 0.2 percent gain in spending followed a 0.4 percent increase in March, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. Incomes grew 0.2 percent, bolstered in part by the government’s tax rebates. Separate reports showed business activity dropped for a fourth month in May and consumer sentiment decreased to the lowest level since 1980.

Retailing stocks slumped after the figures reinforced forecasts for spending growth to slow this quarter to the weakest pace since 1991. J.Crew Group Inc., the casual-clothing retailer, reduced its earnings forecast late yesterday, citing a nationwide drop in the number of shoppers visiting its stores.

“Consumers are spending cautiously,” said Michael Moran, chief economist at Daiwa Securities America Inc. in New York, who correctly forecast the gain in spending. “The economy is in a grey area between recession and slow growth.”

Our Perspective:

Food, fuel, energy, homes and jobs! What else should we include to know that we are going thru a tough time.

Food, fuel and energy cost are increasing at record rates!

I saw on the news last night that natural gas prices are going up 20% in Phila. PA starting in June.

Electric prices in NJ are going up 14% starting in June.

Gas is breaking thru the $4.00 barrier and are projected to keep going up. I have heard reports of $5 -$7 gas by the end of the summer.

What do you think this will do to the already rising food prices?

I heard a report yesterday on NPR that consumers sales of Spam ( the noted mistery meat ) is on a rise. Spam was fed to soldiers in the field during WWII, now it is filling our refrigerators.

Is there a bright side?

Yes! This is America. We can make our voices heard and take steps to make sure in the future, proper steps are taken to insure stability. By ignoring the issues of the past we have created the problems of today. We have to stop putting bandaids on and take the necessary steps to provide long term solutions.

Hutchinson Business Solutions is dedicated to thinking “outside the box.” We work closely with our clients creating opportunities for savings while increasing efficiencies. Our solutions make sense today with our eyes focused toward the future.

Maybe it is time for our Government to introduce some ” Out of the Box ” solutions. Complacency has brought us to face the issues before us today.

Your comments are welcomed. You may email  with any questions and to discuss the steps to take to increase profits for your company.



An except as reported on

May 7 (Bloomberg) — U.S productivity unexpectedly accelerated in the first quarter, helping combat inflation, as job cuts meant the remaining employees did more work.

Productivity, a measure of worker efficiency, rose at a 2.2 percent annual rate after a 1.8 percent gain the prior quarter, the Labor Department said today in Washington. A separate report showed pending sales of existing homes fell for the fourth time in five months, signaling no end in sight to the housing recession.

Federal Reserve policy makers anticipate that the economic slowdown and weakening job market will contain consumer prices, and today’s figures may bolster their case. Companies trimmed staff hours by the most in five years last quarter as they tried to cope with the housing-led economic downturn, the data showed.

“Productivity is solid and labor costs are slowing and this will take the pressure off inflation and the Federal Reserve,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “Unit labor costs have essentially come to a grinding halt and that should support corporate profits and allow businesses to hold the line on prices.”

Our Perspective:

Seems like there is always a silver lining!

Unemployment rates are up and the remaining forces are working harder because they are probably just as scared about losing their jobs.

The middle class squeeze!

We deserve better and we should be working to insure that everyone has an opportunity to make a good and fair wage. There is always a lot of rhetoric. It is time to take steps to correct the mistakes of the past and offer everyone the opportunity for a brighter future.

It is all within our grasp. We just have to change the way we view things and place ourselves in each situation.

Then what would be your next step?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Let us know your thoughts? You may email

As reported in Bloomberg.

May 2 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. lost fewer jobs than forecast in April, and the unemployment rate dropped, signaling that the economic slowdown may be milder than the 2001 recession.


Payrolls shrank by 20,000 workers, following a revised 81,000 drop in March, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The jobless rate fell to 5 percent from 5.1 percent the prior month.


“We are in a recession, this report doesn’t change that,” said Ellen Zentner, an economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York, who had forecast a payrolls cut of 25,000. “What it does is support the idea that the downturn will be mild. Consumer spending isn’t going to tank.”


Our perspective:


Economist forecast payrolls would fall by 75000 in April. This is good news.


A survey released only yesterday stated that 81% of Americans believe we are in a recession.


How would you vote?


President Bush refuses to say the R word. He states the American economy is resilient.


All I can say, is that many people have been clicking on our blog looking for unemloyment information. I believe people are frightened. There is too much uncertainty.


Gas prices are inchng everyday closer to $4.00 a gallon. They throw out the idea of having a Federal Gas Tax Holiday for the summer.


Who will ultimately pay for that?


Guess who!!!


That resolve does not address the issue, our dependence on gas and oil continue to grow.

Why not provide incentives the auto manufacturers to build a more efficient automobile or more hybrids? That is how you start to address the problem.


Let us know your thoughts?


Should you have a question about steps to be taken to start saving dollars for your business in this battered economy, email


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Caught by the tale!

April 30, 2008


As reported today in

The Federal Reserve lowered the benchmark U.S. interest rate by a quarter point to 2 percent and indicated it’s ready to pause after seven cuts since September.

“The substantial easing of monetary policy to date, combined with ongoing measures to foster market liquidity, should help to promote moderate growth over time,” the Federal Open Market Committee said in a statement after meeting today in Washington. The central bank also warned that “some indicators of inflation expectations have risen in recent months.”

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and his colleagues dropped a reference to “downside risks” to the economy, while acknowledging the damage that the housing slump has wrought on the six-year expansion. Stocks surrendered gains on speculation the most aggressive monetary-policy easing in two decades is approaching an end.

“We do not expect to see a rate cut at the next few meetings without a substantial contraction of the economy,” said Christopher Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. “We are not yet to Memorial Day weekend, but the Fed effectively told us today to take the summer off.”

Inflation Outlook

Oil prices reached another record high of $119.93 a barrel on April 28. The Fed said indicators of inflation expectations have risen.

“The committee expects inflation to moderate in coming quarters, reflecting the projected leveling-out of energy and other commodity prices and an easing of pressures on resource utilization,” the Fed added. “It will be necessary to continue to monitor inflation developments carefully,” the Fed said.

At the same time, the economy is faltering. Hours before the Fed decision, the Commerce Department reported that gross domestic product increased at an annual pace of 0.6 percent last quarter. Spending by households, the biggest part of the economy, grew at the slowest pace since 2001, when the U.S. economy was in a recession.

Our Perspective:

Where is the reality check for middle America?

Now the Fed is worrying about inflation. Food and gas prices have risen sharply! This is making it very difficult for families to keep up.

Where will we find relief?

It is getting more difficult to meet monthly expenses, let alone trying to add to our savings account.

Small and medium size businesses are caught in the crunch.

Should you find yourself dealing with these tighter dollar issues, give us a call. We are working with companies creating opportunities to lower cost. There are still many opportunities to find savings.

Don’t be complaisant! Be Proactive!

We are here to serve. Contact

Visit our website to learn about opportunities available to reduce cost and provide savings for your company.

The Solar Center recently completed the installation of a 25 Kilowatt solar electric system for Energy Kinetics Corporation, a New Jersey manufacturer of high efficiency combined heat and hot water systems located in Lebanon, NJ. The solar electric system is mounted on a portion of the roof of its manufacturing facility and will produce approximately 28,700 kW hours of electricity annually. The system is anticipated to save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs and save over 204 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its operating life.

“The Energy Kinetics solar system is the first system to be installed in New Jersey under a new ‘SREC-Only Pilot Program’, a performance based incentive program developed by New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) and administered by the New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP)”, said Dennis Wilson, the President of The Solar Center. “This program be the primary incentive used to support the development of enough solar electric generation to meet New Jersey’s commitment in its Renewable Portfolio Standard(RPS)”.

“The SREC-Only Pilot Program enables Energy Kinetics to earn tradable Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) from the metered electrical production of the solar system”, said Wilson.

Under the SREC-Only program, energy generators that supply electricity within New Jersey must provide a portion of their electricity from solar electric systems. Those suppliers that do not have solar facilities must either buy SRECs from solar producers or pay a Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (SACP) penalty to the BPU in lieu of purchasing SRECs. The production of each 1000 kWh of solar electricity earns one SREC, which have sold as high as $265 each during 2007.

The value of each SREC is expected to jump for SRECs produced after May 31, 2008, when the SACP level more than doubles. Energy Kinetics can utilize a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (FITC) and rapid depreciation of the solar asset to reduce its tax bill. The savings from tax credits combined with income from SREC earnings and electric bill savings will enable Energy Kinetics to recover its investment within eight years and enjoy the production from the solar system for at least thirty years.

As Energy Kinetics’ President, Roger Marran states, “This important project has allowed us to turn our philosophy of renewable energy and conservation of fossil fuels into a reality. By maximizing clean, solar energy to manufacture our flagship product, System 2000, homeowners and business owners can conserve energy currently embodied in oil and gas and extend our efficient use of available fossil resources.”

The NJBPU expects that new SREC-Only Pilot Program will be a more viable incentive than the previous commercial rebate program and will have minimal impact on electric rates long term. This transition from rebates to performance based incentives is expected to allow for the increased installation of solar generating capacity in 2008 and beyond.

To learn more about New Jersey Solar opportunities contact 

Hutchinson Business Solutions …….. Your CFO on the Go

Creating Opportunities Today……Providing Savings for Tomorrow

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As reported in Bloomberg:

April 17 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. House of Representatives, trying to avert a looming shortage in available student loans, approved allowing the Department of Education to buy federally guaranteed loans that lenders are unable to sell to private investors.

The action is intended to address a crisis in the market that has forced Citigroup Inc.‘s Student Loan Corp., SLM Corp. and about 50 other lenders to stop writing some forms of student loans. The companies cite increased borrowing costs, cuts in government subsidies for education loans and a lack of investor interest in securities backed by loans.

Without government action, demand for federally backed student loans would outstrip supply, industry officials said. About 7 million borrowers will need more than $68 billion in federal loans this academic year, according to Education Department estimates.

The measure would “ensure America’s families can continue to access the federal college loans they are eligible for regardless of what is happening in the credit markets,” said Democratic Representative George Miller of California, the chairman of the House education panel. The legislation approved today also would increase the amount students could borrow.

Congress is considering other measures, and lawmakers have urged the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to take action to provide liquidity for federally backed loans.

The global credit crunch has raised student-loan makers’ financing costs, and they’re unable to raise the rates they charge for federally guaranteed loans because the rates are locked in by the government.

Our perspective:

Next year we have my fourth child going off to college. I remember sitting with our tax attorney when they were younger asking,

 “How will we were ever going to afford to put our 4 children thru college?”

His answer:

 “You’ll never be able to save enough, that why they have the student loan programs.”

Thank God for Sallie Mae!  It has helped to provide a great educational opportunity for our children.

The cost of college continues to increase. When our oldest son started at St Joe’s in Philly back in 2000, it was $22k a year. Now it cost $42k!

Are you taking steps to help underwrite the cost of college?

Do you have a college savings fund for your children?

What steps can we collectively take to insure that college will be affordable for the next generation 20 years from now?

What are your thoughts on the House taking these steps?

Do you have a question?


Let us know your thoughts?


You may email


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Who defines Recession

April 16, 2008

 As reported in Bloomberg:

April 16 (Bloomberg) — Economists arguing over whether the U.S. is or isn’t in a recession may now have a new measuring tool: mentions of the word in the New York Times.

The economy shrank the five previous times since 1960 that “recession” appeared this often in the 156-year-old newspaper, investment-research firm Bespoke Investment Group LLC said today.

“Once the media and everybody starts talking about it, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Bespoke’s Justin Walters said during an interview. “It just adds to the pressure on the economy.”

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has retreated 13 percent since reaching a record in October amid concern $245 billion in subprime-related losses at banks worldwide will slow growth. The U.S. is, or will soon be, in a recession, according to the majority of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News from April 2 to April 8.

“The word `recession’ has spiked significantly since the third quarter,” according to Harrison, New York-based Bespoke’s report. “There were spikes in `87 and ’98/’99 that didn’t turn out to be recessions, but the spikes didn’t reach current levels.”

Our Perspective:

I am interested in hearing from you as to what your thoughts are.

Are we in a recession?

Energy, food, medical cost are rising.

Unemployment claims are at record highs.

 The Fed keeps dropping the rate but credit is tight.

Are these signs?

What are you doing to address these issues?

Do you feel powerless?

What if you are a business owner?

Are you taking the steps to position your company?

Our clients are being proactive and asking questions.

They are creating opportunities to provide savings.

Do you have a question?


Let us know your thoughts?


You may email


Hutchinson Business Solutions ……Your CFO on the Go.


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As reported in


April 14 (Bloomberg) — Americans spent less on furniture, clothing and appliances in March as the economy faltered and more of their money went to pay for gasoline and food.


Consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of the economy, is waning as households struggle with an 11 percent jump in gas prices this year to $3.37 a gallon, a rising jobless rate and a slump in home values. Investors anticipate that the Federal Reserve will cut its benchmark interest rate at least a quarter point this month to alleviate the economic downturn.


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Monday that he believes the country is in a recession, adding “these are very, very tough times in America.”


“Americans are hurting today,” McCain said at an Associated Press forum in Washington, D.C. “They’re hurting in the towns and cities across America.

Our Perspective:

At least we find that we are now leaving the state of denial. Politicians have been reluctant to say the R word. They were constantly talking about taking certain preventive steps.

Probably Too little …Too late!

What can we do?

If you own a business it would be prudent to look at the cost of your operation. I recently met with the Executive Director of a local non-profit. They have been hit hard with budget cuts that compound the problem of meeting rising cost.

There are opportunities to provide savings but there is no silver bullet. Companies are looking at a wide range of cost: Employee Benefits, Business Insurance, Energy and Telecom to name a few.

Our clients are being proactive and reviewing their cost.

To pay less does not equate to getting less.

Many times we find our clients are just paying too much!

It’s your call?

Do you have a question?


Let us know your thoughts?


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