Dream On

August 6, 2012

Do you remember…..




Your Dreams?




My wife does not remember…



Her dreams




Does that mean….




She doesn’t dream






She doesn’t recall?




I believe



We all dream





I am not sure


Why some people…




Can remember their dreams




While others…




Are unable to remember



Their dreams




I have had:




Running dreams….




Can’t catch me





Flying dreams,,,,






Just wish I knew how


To fly…




Then I’d be free


Like a bird




And fly high


In the sky






Have you ever had a dream about…





Being told you have a test…




The next day?





I didn’t realize…..




I was even taking a class





What day was that class?





Why didn’t you tell me….




We were taking a class



Before they gave us….




A test?











I know





But dreaming



Can sometimes add…





Great insight!





Your mind never sleeps




It is always searching





Scanning insights





Dissecting situations






It may present a solution




Thru another setting





Did you ever wake up



And have an….





Ah Ha……








All of a sudden….



Something that has been



On your mind




Is suddenly…




Put into perspective





Is this God working



Behind the scenes?





Much has been spoken about



Having to look inside




To find…




Your true self




Our dreams may present



Just a glimpse





Spreading my wings


For the dive



I’ll soar


Thru the breeze



With the greatest


Of ease


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