Smile Away

October 26, 2017


I was going to work this week

I stopped at Starbucks

The girl behind me yelled to her friend….


She was sitting there

Staring out the window


Linda…You okay….


Linda snapped out of it and said….



You caught me zoning out


I was on the speedline

Heading to a client


I saw all these people

Just walking in

Blank stares on their faces



Good Morning…..


Hey…How ya doing…


Have a nice day…


Not even a smile…


Caught up in their own little world


Blank Stares


Why the disconnect….


I know….

Sometimes we want to be alone


We may need to be alone

Disconnected from the buzz around you



Always remember


Your smile is the window to the world


“Let us always meet each other with a smile…

 For your smile is the beginning of love”

Mother Theresa

The Gift

October 16, 2017

What we are is God’s gift to us….


What we become is our gift to God. – Eleanor Powell



Just take a moment to read that once again…



Let it breath thru you



What we are is God’s gift to us….


What we become is our gift to God. – Eleanor Powell




I find that to be a very powerful statement




My life has been a true blessing



I grew up in a close-knit



Loving family atmosphere



Attended great schools



Married my best friend



We were blessed with 4 beautiful children



Who have now gone on to bless us with…



5 beautiful grandchildren




I have been able to grow a business



Doing the things that I love



While building lasting friendships




Reflecting on my life


I realize….



It is all a gift




I have heard some people say….





Nobody ever handed me anything




I worked hard for everything I have




I deserve all this





What they fail to realize is…




Everything we have is…




Just a gift






Why was I born in NJ…



Why were so many opportunities…



Made available to me…



During my lifetime




When I stop to reflect….



I am filled with gratitude





We are all blessed





Someone is praying for



The things we all take for granted





Don’t take your life for granted




Our life is our message to the world



Make sure it is inspiring





As we express our gratitude…

we must never forget

that the highest appreciation is

not to utter words…

but to live by them – John F. Kennedy